Yeshua: Love, And You Can Live As You Please

sananda image eraoflightdotcomBegin to love the following way

If you can’t love God since to you he is neither visible nor tangible, if you can’t love a stranger since he is neither close to you nor trusted, then love your neighbor!

Begin to love right where you are and with the ones you can love. Right there where you are surrounded by people you encounter on a daily basis. Start this way, by loving your neighbor, and one day your love will spread to everyone else and everything else.

Ask yourselves if you love the people in your immediate environment? Ask yourselves if you’d rather embrace the entire world than your own children and partner? Ask yourselves if you tend to want to save all of mankind only to avoid deep individual human relations? Ask yourselves if your life is focused on the now or on the future? Ask yourselves if you like dwelling on the past or if you are so immersed in the daily challenges that you can’t even begin dealing with past or future events?

Beloved humans,

Love for EVERYTHING-THAT-IS is a process and not something human beings are born with in this level of existence.

Becoming capable of unconditional love requires your complete devotion to your own transformation. As soon as your human blockades are resolved and your fears of love vanish, you will enter new territory. Then your consciousness will rise up and reach new and unprecedented highs.

The best way to prepare for this is your love for those around you. That is how the great journey back to God begins – and along with it the love for all human beings.

Pushing the boundaries of love

Don’t overwhelm yourselves, but be honest with yourselves! What causes your love to fail, and where is your love already spreading? Admit to yourselves your own power and powerlessness in love, and proceed until all illusions fall off and you have become a vessel for pure love.

Recognize your boundaries in love, but keep pushing them courageously. Without any self-reproach, celebrate all that you have become able to accomplish.

Remember: It takes deep insight into all the correlations of life and a vivid experience of divine unity, before you can spread your love to everything. Until then, celebrate each single step that gets you closer to love.

Start with those next to you. Your friends and family are the best reflection of your ability to love.

Then expand your love to your neighbors and acquaintances. Be attentive to what is. Don’t talk anything up or down.

Accept everything the way it is. Don’t resist, observe. This attitude does not judge or condemn. Only someone who doesn’t judge themselves is non-judgmental of others as well.

Save yourself and not the world

It is written: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

It all starts inside, within you and with you. Start with love right where you are. If you can’t love those next to you from the bottom of your heart, then start with yourself.

Save yourself, not the world; love yourself, not all of humanity; forgive yourself for all you don’t know, not someone you don’t know for something they did that doesn’t even affect you.

The closer someone is to you, the more effective the reflections are that make you aware of your own shadows. Recognize yourself in them before expanding the radius of your love.

Heal yourself first, then love your neighbor.  Then you will have achieved everything for yourself and for mankind. Love, and you can live the way you please.

I am life and the love

» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl