It is Time to Face the Truth

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomCalling the groundcrew starseed community to stand up in your divine might and acclaim liberty for this planet. Wake up, revolutionize your mind and open your heart.

It is thru FEELING that you align with divine truth, it is thru FEELING that you see with the eyes of love and your soul´s wisdom, it is thru FEELING that you become empowered into divine sovreignty. The massive incoming galactic plasma that is increasingly ushered in, is serving the purpose of catapulting us out of our minds (literally) and into our hearts. To create a shockwave to our system to wake us up, to drop the masks of (egoic) pretence and submission and to stepping into alert presence and awareness of what is truly going on, to shatter the distorted mind programming, that has held us hostage… the victim-abuser-guilt hologram, that is being played out in front of our eyes, that has shut down our inner vision and barricated our hearts and FEELING CAPACITY by those in power, that want us to be controlled and puppeted around to fulfill their agenda of creating a transhuman (inhuman) society. The divide and conquer scheme is being played out to the maximum right now to remove all our human rights and freedom to speak, to feel and discern for ourself and to surrender total dominion to a totalitarian system, that is doing nothing than fulfilling their own agenda and filling their own pockets and outrageously is excercising legal homicide and depopulation of an entire planet.

No this worst case scenario agenda cannot and will not be implemented, if we stand up as one and claim our ability to think, act and speak for ourselves, until we acclaim ourself as free universal beings in our own state and right and divine might to end the downright treason of a whole planet by deep state secret societies, banksters, royals, high ranking offcials and religious and political leaders, that have run this planet for thousands of years. It is for each of us to now stand up in and as our I AM Presence being willing to question everything that doesn´t feel right.

There are those that are so brainwashed and disempowered that even if presented with truth they will deny it and will fight anyone or anything that speaks against it. They are downright supporting this mind controle programming and being puppets of the deep state without even being aware of it.

Allowing everything that goes against the simple nature of life to be exercised against your free will, is surrendering your soul to beings that do not serve the light, but are driven by demonic forces, that wish no other than pain, trauma and fear to feed on as that is what they thrive on. If this “life force” is removed, they will see their own extinction and move to other realms and planets to continue their horrid way of surviving and thriving on fear, trauma and horror forced upon their victims.

It is indeed difficult and challenging to twist your mind around the fact, that this evil exists and controles people that you have given free hands to govern your country and very life, people that you respect or even worship and would defend any time for all the goodness they do for you and your country. To admit to self that these same persons are no longer present in their bodies, because they are acting on someone else´s will and support the evil and the downfall of consciousness and all goodness in this world. How can this even be possible. How to get your mind around that… well the fact is, you can´t, because if you could you wouldn´t be human as it goes against all naturel laws and violates all basic human rights. But you do have a choice, you do have a soul… that is infused with the god spark of your soul… a force so powerful you can move a mountains with your mind, if you only understand and accepted the fact of this tremendous power, that is your god given endorsement from father/mother/god, but it is for you to claim this power, by owning it, vibrating it and allowing it to embody you. To do so you must cut the chords and pacts that you have made consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly to give away your power. You must realise and accept the fact that love IS beyond question the strongest force in the universe and that all your fears can be swept away in an instance the moment you accept that as a fact. When you acclaim your sovereignty and stand in the power of you soul flame your painbody collapses and you become the embodiment of divine truth and enter the realm of the untouchable ones… and by doing so you step into divine immunity, you enter the eden template blueprint of the adam kadmon body, which vibrates on higher dimensional planes of light, so though you are still in the physical realm, your experience of reality will shift as you move beyond the mind controle fear, conquer and divide timeline, that you would otherwise be subject to. Fear is like a glue, that ties you into these lower dimensional timelines, of trauma, fear and victimhood.

It is time to face the truth, no matter how much fear is there, you must take a stand, face it and dis-arm and seeing it for what it is… an intricate scam, that is in play to keep you small and disempowered. The energies that will be ushered in thru the upcoming June eclipse portal are greatly supporting you in taking this final step and cut the chords to the lower satanic realms, that has kept this planet hostage for thousands of years. These high voltage super sonic energies are here to create this shut-down of the collective pain-grid, which is spanned across the planet and to facilitate a global mass awakening, as this is the last hour to stop the insanity and further outrolling of the depopulation and AI world that the deep state has already in store and is preparing thru mass vacination and chipping and removing of our soul and free will. You and only you can stop this.

You have everything in your power to stop this. In Sunday´s transmission with the Arcturians we will receive a dna upgrade of our electrical circuitry to support our brain in downloading and transfigurating to the new earth energy of divine sovereignty as fully empowered beings of light, galactic master co-creaters, that cannot allow any violations of the law of one and no further discrimination and obliteration of human rights and free will. Please join us and let´s create a mass quantum tsunami brake thru, that will shatter all rigid outdated programming and arms of mass destruction includes all electro magnetic mind controle devices, poisonous heavy metal vaccines and chips . Nothing less than a revolution of consciousness is needed. Here is the link to sign up and read more about this epic transmission to anchor in the upgraded electrical circuitry of our cosmic heart~brain, that will also empower and enable us to channeling and anchoring the freedom codes of light, that will ensure victory to the light, which will allow us to apply and exercise our galactic super powers of telekinesis, teleportation and bilocation and telepathic mastery and traverse intergalactically this next grand epoche of the golden race of the Aquarian Age, that we came to embody and celebrate.

Please click here to sign up… we are already well over 500 attendees, pioneers of light, that are saying enough is enough, now we take the power back to the people and we stand in our truth and mighty god given power to fulfill the promise of the new dawn, that we came to ensure.

Grace Solaris and the Arcturians