Spectrum Collapse

sunny era of light dot comWhen worlds collide we experience what some may call chaos, but chaos is simply a perspective based on how the event moves, to be precise chaos is directly related to speed and movement because the truth of chaos has always shown us that “eventually” all appears to be Divinely Perfect, in the end it always “turns out” just right for what came next, therefore chaos can only ever be Magic in slow motion.
It is the process of evolution…

When worlds collide it creates disorder as the light appears to be absent from the experience.
Is it absent?
0r is the observer focusing on the point of chaos/disorder rather than the entire spectrum and its movement?

The latter is of course true as through the disorder, order is already “in-formation” it has already begun creating, again its simply the view point that is available which determines either a reaction of judgement or a response of witnessing through the silence as all unveils and reveals its purpose.

The 29th May 2020 is now a day not to forget
Because on this day during a record breaking solar minimum we received a solar flare of M Class heights and this injection of pure Source energy will now break the mould.

The Sun is currently passing the midpoint of the constellation of Taurus and so this flare hits with precision through our physical senses and the PURPOSE is our connection to not just Earth but everything that is a part of that, so our planets, our systems both man made and natural, our connections to the All.
How this manifests for each will be dependent on the available view point as I mentioned in the beginning of this report, do you see disorder or do you see order in creation, do you see chaos or do you recognise it as Magic and stay in the space of patience?

Remember my loves, there is an Ark of Appreciation template that is active, 40 days and 40 nights holding that zero point space, on an Ark in the middle of your great flood, this is a time to bear witness and it most definitely isn’t time to “jump ship” and react.

Hold that centre point

Interesting really as this morning when the sun was rising I began piecing together the report for June, which is already another highly changeable month with highly charged energies and my thoughts were imagining what a flare would do and within an hour or so a sunspot on the North East limb of the sun has shot out an M Class flare and we have received radio blackout, meaning we got zapped with some highly activational energy!

Those who have been focusing on the light during this solar minimum, working through the releases required for the incoming solar cycle 25 are climatized to these energies and respond to the waves by moving with the flow, no need to push, no need to cut through, just allowing the waves to determine the direction, however the direction is ALWAYS in relation to the work that has been undertaken and completed and what we find are the growth hormonics are activated.

A reap what we once sown type energy and we grow to giant size, super expanded lights with the ability to manifest instant pleasantries in all forms – all gets lighter.
However those oblivious to their purpose and those confusing their beliefs as their purpose….well it all gets a little “blinding” and things retract or react.
So other ways to receive this will be that all that is unconscious receives pressure to dissolve and all that is conscious grows and expands, more of the old 3rd dimensional fear based world dissolves through its reflection of pressure, suffering, pain etc and the 5th dimensional love based world secures new footings through its reflection of Divine Truth that I must say more and more are now not just viewing but experiencing as a constant.

What makes this energy even more interesting is that the general energy of today is super soft with some beautiful trines and sextiles that the moon makes today, what gave us an edge and this is now enhanced x100 is the square that the sun is making with Ceres. The code in the Sun/Ceres aspect is asking those with the Sacrifice/Saviour templates active to really See how this is creating the discord in the reality and the dis-ease within the physical vessel. Ceres and Sun in a square will forever put others before Self and the reflection of a life never fulfilled with emotional support – which of course is simply the separation from Self reflecting out to form the mirrored reality, to be Seen, to be aligned.

So with these soft moon energies and now this power house of a Light Wave coming on through what we get to achieve here if you understand how this works is a SPECTRUM COLLAPSE of the most grandest and right before June heads in, this is utterly perfect!

And if you don’t yet know how this all operates then there can be no excuses as the light keys you require are available here at A Gift from Gaia. There are a number of super light gems available to the Opal Portal subscribers


Stay observant friends, response is the movement – not reaction, and remember nothing is a symptom all is a symbol that offers Divine Data.
I will report as we go should it be required and if you want me then I will be found splashing around in the astral streams