The 9D Arcturian Council: The Powerful June Energies Will Be Amplified

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are always going to look for the positives in every situation that you have there on Earth. We will continue to emphasize the progress you are making because we know that you cannot regress. You cannot go back, and as you purge something from the human collective consciousness that needs purging, you all tend to feel the relief of letting something out that has been simmering beneath the surface.

You are coming into a time where the energies coming in will be so powerful in response to the summoning that you are all doing right now, and we can see how these energies are going to affect the human collective consciousness in a very effective way. The Pleiadians have been very active in coming through a variety of humans for quite some time, and the healing energies that the Pleiadians are providing to humanity right now are being received all across your world by those who are more than capable of channeling those energies and anchoring them into the physical realm.

The unseen, and largely unfelt, help that humanity has right now has never been bigger. It is time to look beyond the leadership that you have there on your world and look to the higher dimensional planes, where the only agenda is to help. Now, as those of you who are receiving this transmission recognize the Pleiadian energy coming in to assist you, there will be opportunities for you to open yourselves up even more to the energies of Sirius, Andromeda, and of course Arcturus. We all seek to help.

We want so much to be a part of this growth experience that you are going through, and we are so grateful to those of you who are tuning in to us and asking for the assistance that is always being given to you freely and without hesitation. We never look down upon you or judge you, and we invite you to do the same when it comes to your fellow humans. It’s time for forgiveness and compassion to rule there on Earth, and it starts with each and every individual. Every single person can be a part of the solution, can be one who offers something of themselves to those who are suffering, to those who are in fear right now.

We are amplifying the energies that we had always intended to share with you in this month of June, and we are not alone. You can expect the stabilizing energies to come in at full force, to assist you now and to assist you for the rest of the ride that you have there in the fourth dimension. We are here for you, and we always will be. We love co-creating with those of you who want to be of service, and we listen to your ideas when we meet up with you in the astral plane, so please do keep them coming, and we will continue to respond as though you were our very own precious children.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton