Saint Germain: Safe Through the Storm

saint germain eraoflightdotcomRemain in peace, keep contemplation and expand in the knowledge of your soul until you understand what this time is all about.

Inside you will find all the answers. Search for it until you find it.


Awaken your I AM. Now is the best time for it. The outer life comes to rest, there is silence, even though peace still has to be worked for – and this silence, it is the silence before the actual storm, you can use meaningfully.

To reflect, to establish a closeness and intimacy with one’s own soul, should now be the highest goal of every person.

Your outer freedom of movement is restricted? This is the chance to expand internally.

Now is the time when you can break out of the prison of wrong programming. It is your time to grow up quickly, that is, to develop an awareness of your true mental abilities – to regain them.

Now is a unique opportunity for you to wake up, for you will be confronted in a unique way with your outstanding issues.

Is it loneliness or closeness?

If the loneliness is unbearable for you, if being alone is a torture, then work with silence until you no longer feel it as a threat but as a blessing. Live through your fears, transform them – be and become whole.

If the closeness to your family is suddenly unbearable for you, the constant “being surrounded” by people who confront you with their habits and moods, then develop inner serenity.

Work with understanding and let love flow.

Always keep in mind that the things and issues that bother you with your neighbor may be your own shadows.

The sage uses his surroundings as a mirror for self-reflection.

These days, when great planetary shifts take place in the background, are the opportunity for the individual – to wake up.

This is the real gift of these Corona Days: to be able to work on inner freedom, because outer freedom has been restricted.

These days will pass and what remains is: your new status as an awakened human being.

To work towards this is the commandment of the hour. It is necessary to invest and channel your energy correctly.

Where do you direct your attention?

Where do you direct your attention now that everything is staring at world events? Are you keeping to yourself or are you digressing? Are you succumbing to the worldwide spectacle or are you getting involved in yourself with enthusiasm?

Beloved one,

i stand by you in every one of your endeavours to bring the light of transformation in beings Until the I AM is awakened, I will not leave your side.

The great transformation of humanity is underway. Your contribution is to continue and intensify your own transformation work.

This your contribution is indispensable for the transformation to take place on a social level.

Behind the scenes the world is being prepared for rebirth these days. If you want to understand the full extent of the change, then understand yourself first.

Now you will find the best opportunity because:

When the outer life comes to rest, there is usually a storm raging inside people – and this storm must be understood and managed. That is true mastery!

I am

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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl