Olan of the Galactic Federation: Question Everything

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomGood-day Fellow Light Workers and those awakening in these new times. I be Olan here to serve from the Galactic Federation.

The broken system of humanity needs to be purged and restructured where the implementation of truth, love, and compassion pulsates strong so humanity shifts.

Time to look at what is being reported in your newspapers and television. For it has been used as a propaganda tool to keep you, the human population in restraints.

Start to look deep at this tool and you will begin to see its true hidden agenda. Once done, you will stop falling victim to its claws that have held humanity down and start questioning what is reported.

To blindly choose a vaccine is dangerous. To blindly follow and align with fear is unacceptable. To breath deep into the heart is to rise inside new peaceful solutions.

When the masses stand firm in a non violent way to take back the rights of ALL into account the inter structure will fall and great change will begin to occur. And dear ones, it already has begun.

Tweak your consciousness if you dare to the possibilities that orchestrations are done all the time by the controlling ones. They mind control individuals who cause violence in even a peaceful demonstration for their own agenda of breeding fear and serration.

Yes, there are events that have been now and in the past (like shootings and murders) that occur due to these controlled humans that cause violent in the hope that the public moves in fear.

Please, do not fall into that trap for the dark ones who have their own plans. We ask you to Question Question, Question, everything fed to you.

It’s time to take back and reshape and restructure mans existence for your future is at stake. Understand the act of being complaisant to believe anything fed to one by organizations such as the food and drug administration, news media, government officials, needs to not be followed blindly.

It be not your fault for buying into the false jargon because they played the game well. The public needs to now see without judgement, hate or anger that humanity has been duped into believing what was spewed out in phases such as for the good of all. It no longer holds true from their mouths.

The whole story in newspapers and media is NEVER showed so do your own investigations through the alternative news on the internet. BUT Do it with discernment for it can give your clarity.

The imprisonment has gone on too long whereby humanity has been dumbed down. YOU have been poisoned by the food you eat, the air you breath/Chem trails and even the mask agenda. They have kept truth away from the masses keeping democracy out of reach but that is indeed changing.

Most of the politicians especially higher up ones like presidents and governors, (not including Trump) have been puppets for the controlling elite who had hidden agenda’s like reducing the population, and having control of a money system. This we promise you is changing.

If you do not like trump be honest and ask yourself… how much of the news jargon of half truths do you believe. He is not like the old president puppets of the past, but again we ask that you do your own investigation.

And if you believe not this prior message on your President we hold no judgement for in your own time you will awaken as more and more disclosure of truth is revealed.

Please take the time, to awaken to your own abilities to decipher. Your own spiritual gifts of knowing. Each of you have amazing powers to rid the world of limitations and invisible bars.

You dear ones, have power in your thoughts and actions as said by many channelers and teachers. Take control to move inside the energies of great change and work with it to move in the moment grounded and balanced with trust.

Take the time, to choose a lighted path that is not governed by fear and separation. Not vibrating anger or doubt as humanity is meant by a decree of GOD to stand up and take your power back.

Inside breath and quiet time reflect and work on self to rid thyself of the programing techniques used against you. There are many answers inside solitude. In doing so it will realign your human vessel with love and the true meaning of freedom.

Please realize that you make a difference for all thoughts and intended actions go into the group consciousness grid and thusly aids more than you know.

The time is now to begin to understand and drop the shackles that have bound humanity into a slave planet. New energies come each day to help this process.

The role of the dark has been to awaken humanity and now the tide is turning whereby everyone can begin to take the reins of thy true essences putting an end to their role. You are the light and it will do you well to remember that phase inside affirmations.
I am Light. I am Love. I am an avatar of truth. I am what the world is waiting for. I am a blessing and blessed. I am grateful and eternal.

Take time to align with gratitude for the opportunity to experience this realm and finally see that man along with earth is in the phase of great change.

Take the reins with determination, with love not hate for those who played the game. With the heart not fear. Everything is unfolding in divine timing.

Each of you including Earth are going through birthing pains. Shedding your skin of the old ineffective modalities and beliefs so take care of your physical form is essential. As you do your spiritual gifts of manifestation will align and light will anchor along with peace.

This birthing process may cause extra emotions but it is necessary to purge your inner cellular structure to align with the new energies. So be nice to yourselves and allow the flow of healing emotions to unwind.

Please Dear ones; open your eyes and hearts to understand what has really been occurring… of lies and orchestrated violence.

See the actions taken to limit your health and well being through the mass media campaigns of false rhetoric, and unhealthy environment. Start grounding with light to speak out calmly.

Enough are awaken to shift the consciousness grid and bring about a harmonious planet. It is a process that by no means is fast as these old controlling factors have been here a long time. Remember to be patience inside trust and loving thoughts is a virtue.

Enough new energies are anchored on earth to aid in bringing about new grand changes so be ready to ride the wave of light.

It is indeed an exciting time like NON before which is opening the gateway of better lives for all. It will be ushering in a time in the future where more and more will begin seeing your galactic family. And
life on this planet will never be the same.
So when things seem dark remember…You are loved so much by the invisible forces more than you know. Let that knowledge float within you giving the ability to do what you came here to do—to release those who have incarcerated you.

You beloved ones deserve to live in freedom, great health and a long life inside love. You deserve to move in dreams creating a planet of peace. You deserve to connect to one another inside serenity to live with peaceful with your galactic brothers and sisters.

We stand in witness as you evolve in the vibration of love and abundance. We stand with assistance so just ask.

Go in love light and balance, Avatars of today.
I be Olan of The Galactic Federation and it is an honor to serve.

» Source » Channel: Star B Goddess