Mother Mary: We Watch Over You

mary magdalene eraoflightI am Mother Mary and I just want to give you my support today in these turbulent times on Earth. You have many who watch over you today, dear people on Earth. If you saw everything that is around you, you would immediately be a little calmer. Thousands of beings are now trying to reach your hearts. This is where you find the right way to go, it is where you can feel peace, and that is where the hope comes into your eyes. There is nothing but you that you can reach before you have found your heart and the messages that rest there. That is why I now ask you to stand still, put your hand on your heart and feel that you are firmly rooted in the earth. It is important that you are grounded, that you are in contact with yourself, this is where you can find the joy, creativity, ideas of what you can do for yourself and others who are in your vicinity. It doesn’t have to be that big but it can get big in someone else’s heart. It can lead him or her into another mindset that favors his or her development in a more positive direction.

Everyone who wakes up to themselves now makes a great effort to anchor the light, which now shines into Earth with a higher vibration. It is intended that all the darkness that now comes to the surface should be transformed and leave room for a lighter existence on Earth and for all its inhabitants. It is the dark night of the soul that you have now gone through and it is time for the light to re-enter where angels did not dare to enter. However, you have always had higher beings around you who have helped you take the steps you have chosen to take to teach you what you would during your long earth. The light now grabs your attention and lights up in the dark, so that you can see and understand which path it is that you should choose now. The light is now examining your mind so that the choice you make should better suit the development you are in.

It is the light that should be the dominant element on Earth today. It is a higher vibration that should vibrate in your bodies, a vibration of love. It is the love energy that has come and it has come to stop. It is the energy that the Earth has chosen to acclimate to and it is the one that you are now also adapting to. All exercises that contain love and compassion give you extra support in your development now. All exercises that mean that you are still and listening to yourself are also a high priority today, this is where you have the foundation for your development to go as fast and smoothly as possible. All the beings around you are now trying to get you to listen to yourself. They try in different ways and with different signs to show you which way you should go, depending on your ability to perceive them.

It is a time of opportunity where you can choose what is good or what is evil. It is a time when many can see what is right and wrong for oneself and others. It is a time when one can choose the good side in oneself, so that one can act as a servant of God for one’s fellow human beings. It is an extremely important time where everyone needs to examine themselves and choose the path that provides the least resistance in your heart. Wrong path can face greater resistance today because light forces you forward, as your development is in a rising spiral of light and love.

That’s what I wanted to convey to you today.

I love you so much

Mother Mary!

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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg