Ashtar: Entire Scenario

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomWe of the Light Forces wish to remind you on planet earth, that your battle now is not between the left and the right, the Republicans and the Democrats, the people and the Deep State… you are fighting for something much more meaningful. You are fighting to re-entrench God into your world. It has been a long time since God has graced your minds, walked your streets and blessed your hearts and it is time again, for the re-introduction of God and all that is One to bless your lives again.

For anyone who sees themself as having an enemy at all, you are missing the point. The enemy is within and it must be expunged from your hearts and minds, so that God may reign free in your world once more and that you take your places as the cherished divine beings that you are.

This entire scenario on your world now, being played out for you to see, to improve, to work on yourselves to change, is there for your reaction and your input. You are playing a game, a very important game, of “What do I do next? How do I improve myself and the world for the rest of humanity now?” If these are not the questions you’re asking, then you’re playing the wrong game.

Know that you are more powerful than those who run your world. They have stolen it from you. Something stolen can only be taken from one who has more, remember that.

It is as if you are at a movie theater, and the script is being created by you and all your fellow earthlings. How do you wish to influence it now?

We are with you, always.
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6 Replies to “Ashtar: Entire Scenario”

  1. Star

    Great article. You inspired me to write/channel on a nice where sleep stayed at bay. Many thanks

    Come With Me By Star B. Goddess

    God graces my mind
    as I re-entrench The Divine into my world.
    As I breathe deep to realign and hear wisdom
    that is always present.

    Colors in day become brighter.
    Heart sings to in-sic with birds.
    And dreams come front and center
    to anchor grandly.

    I have become anointed to remember
    who I am as adversary of Gods creation.
    As co creator who is ready to stand in my power and help the world.

    The curtain opens as the script expands
    filled with your desires and dreams.

    Come fellow humans…
    awaken with one another
    to be the humanitarians you are meant to be.
    It is the will of The Divine for all to prosper
    and be free.

    1. The🌈NOW🌈Team

      🌈 NOW 🌈

      YES YES YES 💜
      🌈 NOW 🌈

      YES YES YES 💜
      🌈 NOW 🌈

      1. Star Goddess

        I hug u in my thoughts with gratitude for all of you the Now team does. Together we shall take a stand grounded in our hearts to rise and succeed in escorting the world to new horizons. Together with the light of diversity and compassion we will move in celebration as the old stalkers fall and the new times of freedom are birthed.
        After all that is why we came to orchestrate a grand new song in the pitch of love.

        1. Karina Krainer

          …*in the light of DIVERSITY* – I AM not sure if you are aware who(m) you are serving – don`t forget Lucifer is called the “Lightbringer” too.

          Sendet with the love and TRUE LIGHT of Supreme ONE/ALL-THAT-IS/GOD SOURCE in the highest expression of
          I AM Souvereign, FREE and GOD

    2. Karina Krainer

      Dear Commander Asthar – I always ask my higher-self and heart for truth. Sadly humans and humanity was and is tricked so often, even through those who are “coming with the Light”- with the false light of Lucifer. I AM sure you know WHY I tell this YOU, aren`t you????
      And it became more obvious when you told ” God walked our streets” – because supreme source NEVER did. But Lucifer and the Annunaki/Sirian/Toth-Seth – yes they were here!

      With forgivness and much love

    3. Karina Krainer

      I have to come back to you once more because when you realize the truth it`s too obvious…

      Excpert from you story :…” You are playing a game, a very important game, of “What do I do next? How do I improve myself and the world for the rest of humanity now?” If these are not the questions you’re asking, then you’re playing the wrong game.”…..But no, THIS are not the question humans on ascension should ask but the shall ask “WHO I AM REALLY” and “WHAT´S my SOUL MISSION”?