Walk the Talk of a Master

lightworker eraoflightdotcomIt is ultimately freeing to release the past with love: all the roles you have ever played, when acting on the world stage. All the misunderstandings, the misconceptions, all dramas, all that ever personified into form, in all aspects your lower self, and the ego which came with it.

When a deep forgiveness of self comes, the letting go of all shame, blame, guilt, all the fears, all of whatever runs you, there is a sense of the shackles and bond finally coming off, as you are free to rise and truly become AS ONE with your higher soul self, the Mighty I AM Presence, the Divine Source and All-That-Is!

Simultaneously, though, there needs to be a deep releasing of all souls who ever shared the world stage with you, at any given moment, in all past experiences, whether in this life or another, in all parallel lives and existences, as they too, merely assumed a certain actor’s role within a given moment. Let go all misunderstandings, of all misconceptions,all shame, blame and victim mentality, all distortions, all which energetically kept pulling you together to repeat the same old negative roles, and same old plays, and assuming the same old personages. Release them, forgive them, and thank them for acting out those roles and set them free and yourself free, via true forgiveness and loving Grace. With Gratitude, for indeed they contribute your soul in lessons of mastery, you may not even comprehend right now, but your soul knows.

See how the stage is cleared. See how there is no need to repeat the dramas, the roles played out. See how all is now wide open, as you are freed to seek a much higher way of life, of living and being.

You do not need the masks of yesterday, not those you are assuming today, the personas you played out in those lifetimes, and the current one. You have no need to act anymore!

You are now finally freed to be your true higher soul self, the true YOU, the SOUL YOU, and live with every breathing moment the purity of the soul, as the Divine created you and as you in truth are!

You have no need to hide your own brilliance, you shining, the wise, loving and fully empowered SOUL you!

You now seek to rise higher, in the higher 5 to 7th dimensional state, where you seek purity, and the higher soul expressions, in ways that will be a constant unfolding of a totally new, and much higher vibrational frequency life.

As you do so, you now choose to not engage in the lower self, the lower vibrations, the low density of the 3D. The dramas of the 3D.

You now choose to rise above it. You take on the role of observer. You choose to not allow any attachments to anything, and anyone of that vibration.

You choose surrender your whole new life and being to the Divine Source, and walk the talk of a Master: – who is not swayed by outside forces, but is deeply anchored in the Mighty I Am Presence and living it with every breathing moment!

Such is the immense opening gift of this time for those ready and willing to truly rise ever higher in vibration frequency, and shed the old, like a snake sheds its skin,like a chick breaks free the shell.

To rise ever higher and higher into the new Adam Kadmon body, to embrace it with all of your soul, heart, mind and being: – the new life, the new and much higher vibrational existence on planet earth, which is already here!
Judith Kusel

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