The Collective: Turning Point

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again.

We see that many of you are saddened, and some very discouraged, at the state of life in the United States at present.

Many are mourning the loss of a good and kind man who died in Minneapolis, and wondering when the madness and chaos of this form of destruction will end.

You are right if you are feeling that life not only in the US but on the planet has reached a crucial turning point.

You may be feeling that this gentleman’s life occurred not only for the good and positive things he did while on Earth, but because it held great meaning, even in death.

For many thousands are galvanized now to speak up and speak out in ways they would not have, had this advanced soul not agreed to come forward at this time as an African-American male in a country and on a planet that still does not accord proper respect to all.

We do not say this to fan the flames of anger, or to say that violence always serves a higher purpose, though it can indeed unwittingly do so.

Yet it is no longer an acceptable expression on your planet, as so many are saying now.

It is not only unnecessary, but also clashes strangely with the increasingly high frequencies of Earth life and all it holds.

This is one great reason why so many are demonstrating that they will no longer support a system that was built upon a patriarchal, Aryan foundation that excludes the vast majority of the human race from even the most basic rights and freedoms.

It is a large reason why so many mourn this death in a way that for them symbolizes all the others.

And as well, the energies reaching the planet now require everyone to either stand in the Light, or to draw back from it in ways that show them as taking one very determined higher path, or a far denser, more haphazard one.

We would say, that if you are predominantly feeling Love for this gentleman and his family, more than rage against those who harmed him, you are honoring his life and the lives of the many who died under similar forms of suppression and unjust action.

You are, as Dr King said, not taking on the hate that “is too great a burden to bear,” and instead taking on the Light of your own soul in holding all human lives as sacred and irreplaceable.

In that moment, you stand not only for humanity, but for a New Earth in which humanity has quite consciously carved out an existence in which all persons are respected, honored, and considered an important part of their society.

Each child treasured for their lively uniqueness. Each elder considered a deep well of wisdom and insight. Each woman a treasure of both strength and life-giving nurturance. Each man a wellspring of both strength and vulnerability.

We would say as well, that those you have waited for, hoping for a galactic rescue of some sort, are more proud of you now than they have been in a very long time, due to the Love and courage with which you now face the pressures and challenges of your Ascension path.

The anger and upset being mainly driven not by rage, but by the sort of Love that does not disappear when times grow rough, but which grows stronger and expresses itself all the more powerfully when danger is near.

This is one of the very great traits of the Divine Feminine, and you have welcomed the Great Mother now onto your planet—Mother, Maiden, and Wise Woman, as the old triad goes—as you celebrate not only life, but your own requirement that all lives be respected, protected, and treated as invaluable.

And so the new story is written, the new Word is spoken!

We salute your efforts, and your inner strength and determination, as you birth and bring forth that which you have not seen before—a new Earth, rebirthed from one that no longer suits your expanding and raising vibration.

Deep within you, despite all the plans and machinations of that which now passes away, you know it to be true, dear ones—

That All Is Well, and ever shall be thus.

Namaste, friends and fellow travelers!

This is your Universe, and we welcome you to spread your wings all the more, as we travel with you in it.

We are with you, always.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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