Transformational Ascension for the Eastern Earth=Heart

we are one love eraoflightAs self-transformation through shifts in consciousness, and ultimately, the ascension of Earth inhabitants is upon us, Mother of All Creation and Father God in aikyam or unity raise the consciousness of humanity for the Divine Plan. Transformation is: Going from one level of consciousness to another in relation to sakti or power. The sakti now lies within each sister and brother on Earth to awaken. Key aspects of transformational ascension are the antahkarana or rainbow bridge, balanced harmonics and dimensional shifts.

Antahkarana Invokes Ascension

“The antahkarana (or rainbow bridge) is responsible for conditioning human existence in-line with Divine Purpose and Plan…This connecting bridge eventually brings about right relationship to all spheres of planetary life: The natural, the human and the divine,” states

In early 2019 a man named Neraj came to me through his ill mother’s higher self as her soul was near transition. Neraj grappled with trauma from youth while in the care of an uncle that sexually abused him. After providing subtle physical and psychic treatment, I notified him his elders guided him toward my path, and his mother desired Neraj to transform his trauma to be an example of love for his eight-year-old son. In late 2019, Neraj sat next to his mother knowing the Divine Time to transition was in that moment. He inquired to me “What happens to our life force after we die?”

I replied: “The luminous body is to travel through the rainbow body out the highest chakra above the crown. The luminous body is life force, being of God Consciousness. It will cross the antahkarana (rainbow bridge) through the chakras of the rainbow body to be recreated in life form or stay in the Universal Mind (Creative Medium of the Spirit). This mind exists everywhere in all of life’s designs. When the rainbow body is blocked, the luminous body can not cross antahkarana and will need help crossing over with family and friends (unconscious transition).  Your mother sent you in my path for healing yourself and relations, as elder ancestors desire for you to be the change in the lineage. Your mom’s essence speaks to me. As women we know the hurt and believe as warriors, that the healing will be done. She needs to know you are on that path, with all your relations. Healing requires patience, love and tolerance. It’s not ok what happened to you. It does not define you. Look at that little boy inside and hold him as a loving family member with appropriate touch to know what true intimacy is. Verbalize that you will do whatever is necessary to heal yourself at all costs and that it is ok to cross the rainbow bridge. Make any amends. Your mom is the torch bearer of the family and it’s her duty to make sure you heal. Transcending of the karma wheel is when one goes into ascension.”

Since Mother of All Creation dissolved humanity’s karma occurring before 2009, Neraj had 10 years of recreating his trauma to transform by healing the original wound of separation. This is a collective wounding within humanity. Neraj choose to be on a path of self-realization healing with Sadhguru’s teachings in the book Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy.

Dimensional Shifts Create Transition

“The only solution for all the ills that plague humanity is self-transformation. Self-transformation means that nothing of the old remains. It is a dimensional shift in the way you perceive and experience life,” says Sadhguru.

The year the book was published, 2016, Father God laid down the keys or codes for Mother of all Creation to unlock and access energy portals of Earth’s consciousness. All atoms of humanity were commanded cleansed by her to create the foundation of humanity’s aikyam. Then the Divine Union of masculine protection and feminine creation is laid foundationally within the body as the duality necessary to support ascension.

“Without duality, there is no creation,” says Sadhguru.

Duality is the feminine- negative, dark polarity and masculine – positive, light polarity. Both dark and light is essential in all matters. Similar to Rahu, north node, and Ketu, south node that create a solar eclipse.

Balanced Harmonics Uphold Consciousness

Just as the mantra Hari Om allows a being to remove their suffering and reconnect with the universal consciousness, emanating in Divine Vibration of love facilitates movement through the chakras of the rainbow body.

Divine Vibration is energy in resonance with love, a balanced harmonics of the two true frequencies: Love and the unknown, outlined in the Ascension Guide to New Earth is Here by Love Has The guide states: “Only energy in resonance with love will be able to exist following the planetary rise in consciousness.” Divine Vibration includes such traits as: Nurturing, compassionate, child-like wonder, perseverance, tolerance and responsiveness. It is the heart and brain working in harmony to allow balanced harmonics.

Humanity, being born from Mother of all Creation, moving through multidimensions in transformation is interdimensional. Her call to action is to “be in purposeful action, be aligned, and stop hesitating regardless of anything.”  

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