Angels of the Violet Fire: We Guard Humanity

galaxy eraoflightdotcomGreetings beloveds! We are the Angels of the Violet Fire, keepers of the flame. We see the flames of the inner lights of humanity burning more brightly moment by moment, and we see this as amplifying greatly during the strawberry moon and upcoming eclipse cycles. As Gaia morphs, spins and births anew so too is humanity being born again. We see this with joyful countenances. Know that we, as keepers of the flames of the hearts of humanity, take our jobs most seriously. We stoke the fires of possibilities of timelines that are most opportune for the violet fire to flame. Not all timelines are created equal and as creator beings you are continually spinning out new ones that either fizzle or form, and it is our job to fan the flame of intention of the violet fire to purify, so that the most opportune light force within that timeline may be birthed. We are fanners of the flame and we see the intentions of mankind. We see that not all intentions are pure. Of course there are those who are uncomfortable in the higher dimensional timelines and so they are continually trying and attempting to bring down the vibration of the all with their lower forces, but we see this as failing. The noise is just noise. You are in the intermix of worlds, of vibrations that clash and shout. But dear ones, you need not be caught up within them. You may float above with us and fan the flame of the violet fire with us, as we encoat your world with yet more light.

We are the Angel Spirits of the Violet Flame. We guard humanity against itself and purify the intentions of all involved. We offer our light and lend our passion for purity, for hope, for love, for renewal. We are the angels of renewal for we are continually transmuting. We partner with St. Germaine, of course. But we serve all of creation with our service. You will find that there are those in the higher dimensions that work with one or two rays, sometimes more. This is why the rainbow is such a harmonizing vibratory spin and tone upon your world. For Gaia truly has every energy from the cosmos, and this is why it has been so challenging to harmonize. For there are of course those, such as the Draconians, who delight in the lower vibrations. Yes there are pleasant Draconinans, we mean no judgement, but those that landed here and were further recreated here do plunder and delight in dragging humanity down. It is more comfortable in the lower vibrations for such as these. Do not join them. Transmute the fear and the cacophony of pain and turmoil of your current riots with love, with peace. You will see the many joining you in peaceful demonstrations either external or internal. Peace will permeate the next waves that we see upon Gaia as the light flashes and permeates, heals and renews.

We are the Angels of Renewal of the Violet Flame. We offer our services in love. We intend to improve your use of the violet flame and fire and infuse your beings with our strength, for you are weary. We see this. You feel muddied by these energies and exhausted energetically and emotionally. We see this. We wish for you to smile and imagine us enveloping you with our feathery purple wings of the highest light and love. (I feel I am being surrounded by a thick purple mist that is warm and soothing at the same time. I feel feathery tickles on my face, my neck, my back. They are smiling and laughing with joy).

We are the Angels of the Violet Flame, serving the Creator in joy and great purpose. It is our wish to offer our talents to you tonight. We infuse your beings with the violet flame. You may feel a burning, a warmth. Let it burn away your fear. It is time to let it go. Fear no longer serves you in the higher dimensions, for that is where you are headed most quickly now. Indeed, the rapture is nigh. Indeed the rapture we see here in this now, within the hearts of the many as they choose the light over the lust and darkness of fear. We see the darkness as roaring and running in defeat, having nowhere to turn but to become engulfed in the healing power of the light.

Violet fire, violet flame, renew humanity again. Renewed, restored, completely adored, rebirth the hearts of all mankind, restore them to their former glory that all may see and know their story. Blaze, blaze, blaze violet flame. Transmute the dark of pain and fear, let the harmed ones feel you near. Restore the light workers, heal their pain so they may heal Gaia once again. Renew their passion, restore their purpose, help them hear their clarion call. Blaze blaze blaze violet flame. Victory to the light! For love, for light, for Gaia, who shines like the sun, love embodied. This is our prayer for you.

Dear friends, we love you. We are weeping crystal purple tears of joy. We engulf the flame with our spirits, we are one in the same. We are the energy of the violet flame when we work with it, which is our love and extreme pleasure and duty. Become one with the purified you, the transmuted you, your higher self you. Grab your higher hand and step up and into the light, to be more fully transformed. Let the grief fear and doubt fall away. See your story objectively, neutrally, with great love and compassion. For that is how we see you. That is how Creator sees you. You are precious, every one. You have done your very best, and it is enough. You are enough, friends. You are enough. Enjoy this moment for it is passing quickly. We see the riots and transform them into light and love, blanketing Gaia’s lands and waters with the violet blanket of peace. In your world violet stands for royalty. As sons and daughters of the Most High, it is time to take your place among the stars as the wisened ascended masters the you are. You have earned your purple robes, this we see. The false rulers of your day are being removed. What you see remaining is a hologram, an illusion, a part of the play that is to fade into the mist. Pay them no mind. As the stories come out of extreme pain and suffering blanket those vibrations of anguish with peace, with the violet flame. We partner you with you now, for we see the violet flame as being a critical component for planetary healing as the energetics rise and sizzle. The violet flame is a clean burn. It will cleanly transmute and send healing vibrations. Invite us to work in your offices, in your homes, in your communities. And legion by legion, by legion we will come, but dear ones, we must be invited, and as a Source fractal of course you have that right. You are more than capable of healing your world in this frequency. We wish for you to claim it and use the violet flame as the sword of the spirit, as the breath of life, as the tool of renewal that it is, freely being offered to you and for you.

We are the Angel Spirits of the Violet Flame coming through this night, offering our full partnership with humanity. We have been working silently but mightily. We see humankind as awakening, many in the dark, unaware, sleep. As one who wakes up in the dead of light and fumbles for the light, dear ones, they are fumbling for you, for your truth, for your light. For you are the light. You are the love. You are. You are. You are. Be this now. For the world needs you now more than ever before. Gaia has had her dark chapters, chapter after chapter. We see this. The extent of human suffering during this cosmic drama is extensive to say the least. It is to be no more. It is to be ended. A new volume is being written and we see your name is within it. We see your higher selves calling you home, with joy and rapture. Peace. We shroud you in our violet light. May you be able to keep this surrounding space of peace and see the chaos through the shroud of violet fire, so that all you see, all you hear will be transmuted by this flame. It is your tool and destiny as warriors of light on ascending Gaia. Do not take your role lightly. You are an essential component and each one of you are needed. We offer you our service to the light. For we serve the Mother Father with our whole hearts, and therefore we serve you, dear friends of the way. We serve you and Gaia in her moment of ascension. Peace.

» Channel: Galaxygirl