Sudden Shifts in Perspective

star bright eraoflightdotcom“To muster the heart, to stretch to the edge of what beckons you is your ticket to ride. This is what you are for. Your capacity to imagine is a subversive technology, altering everything. Dangerous. This is what you are for.” Melissa la Flamme

A heads up! The sudden shifts in perspective catalysed by Friday’s Gemini eclipse have torn the blinders off- personally and collectively. Old outdated laws, rules, beliefs and social norms are going to be dismantled and left in the dustbin of history as the fallout from the wild card eclipse ripples out in a domino effect until the baton of change is handed over at the next 2 eclipses across Gemini/Sagittarius on November 30th and December 13th.

Distortions, untruths, corruption, inequality, injustice and incongruency will be seen for exactly what it is – especially obvious in world leaders wearing the Emperor’s new clothes- and the usual platitudes, invoking religion or fobbing us off with promises of doing better will not cut it any longer.
This week Mars meets Neptune in Pisces at odds with the Sun and the Node of Fate. Be alert for deception, fake news, along with cynical photo opportunities as diversionary tactics.

The big question is whose Truth is in accordance with Natural and Eternal Laws?

To navigate the coming 18 months of Gemini eclipses, you need to trust your own judgement above the social media echo chambers, above tribalism, to base your actions on your core values and to recognise when your body is giving you either a Big Yes or a Big No and follow its guidance.

This week, amplifying all the 3D polarisation, the separation and the ferocious tribalism we are seeing on our screens 24/7, on Sunday 14th June, Pluto and Jupiter make a 2nd exact square with Eris from Capricorn to Aries. Eris acts a subversive or chaotic agent, a disruptor of the status quo, a rule breaker -a female Awakener symbolising people and circumstances that are so different that you resist considering them “one of us” and instead see them as the Discomforting Other. A Stranger, an Alien. Think of how that is literally playing out in the US right now……..

This messenger of transformation brings growth by disrupting old patterns of thinking, beliefs and expectations, shattering the unexamined and comforting codes of “this is how we do things around here”. Through being challenged over and over by your reaction to radically new concepts and being compelled by circumstances beyond your control to integrate these concepts into a re-designed inner map of the world, you evolve into a much more expansive field of unity consciousness.

Reminder: we are in an unpredictable and volatile triple eclipse tunnel until July 22. Sudden shifts are everywhere and you won’t see them coming. There is nothing to do, ritualise, practise or change- just stay open and say Yes to change wherever it shows up in your life. These cosmic wild card eclipses are delivering you to a part of yourself that you’ve never met before and she is kinder, braver and wiser than you ever imagined:

The map is not the territory.

Respect for everyone’s map of the world

People make the best choices they can at the time from the thinking that looks real to them at the time.

Increase choice by constantly shifting from your Small Me perspective to the Witness Perch and back.

Action changes understanding. If you want to understand something, act, move, embody it.

You already have all the inner resources you need or can create them

Everything points to integration and wholeness

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