Queen An-Ra: Golden Age

galaxy eraoflightdotcomToday, I bring you greetings from the House of Ra.

We live upon what you might consider the brightest star at the center of the Andromeda Galaxy. I am grateful for this time with you.

Approximately 5,000 years ago I, and the Mighty God Ra, visited your planet Earth to assist the advancement of your civilization. Many of our kind came with us, and we planted ourselves in the ancient land of Egypt. Our descendants include those such as Thoth, Isis and Osiris, and the long lineage of Egyptian pharaohs including Akhenaten and Ramses. Our descendants include the great Egyptian queens, also referred to as the African queens, such as Nefertari, Nefertiti, and the last of our blood line, Cleopatra.

We came to advance your civilization and to help connect your world with other worlds. Our peoples constructed great solar temples, pyramids, and more. We educated your scientists at that time of our technologies and placed our technologies, our sciences inside these ancient temples and pyramids. This technology included how to receive concentrations of light rays from your physical sun and use those rays of light using our technology to then focus those rays out into the cosmos to establish communications with other systems of worlds. We came and we placed in your lower orbit of your Earth atmosphere what your world called satellites all to advance science at that time. We were given a limited amount of time to be upon your planet, advance our technologies into your world, teach your scientists at that time and then, when the time came, to return to our own galaxy.

Due to the human nature of some of those in control at that time, let me just say eventually a time came when we had to come back to your Earth and remove our technologies from your world. All of this history is not to important now. What is important is what is happening now in your world and planet, and how to help civilization in ways that we know that this New Golden Age will ensure that all assistance to the people of Earth will advance civilization in a way that advancing technologies, discoveries, and science will never again be used destructively or against the people, or against other worlds by your world.

As I reflect upon the words of your Mother Akasha who has indicated that your world enters a period of storms, I would like to echo her understanding that all of this is coming about as mighty rays of light are being projected into your world from various sources. Those rays of light seek to reveal what has been hidden, reveal what is dangerous, and ultimately to bring about a new will, a new courage amongst the peoples themselves who will find their voice and demand new changes upon your planet.

What has been covered over in your world and hidden from the people must now be revealed in your New Golden Age that shall now enfold upon your Earth as far as my own credentials, and who I am, and where I serve.

I am known as Queen An-Ra. I am the Twin Flame to Ra, who in your world history is thought of as the ancient Egyptian Sun God. Presently, I serve on several grand councils for the Andromedan, Serian, and Pleiadian systems. Councils that have been designed to assist your Earth planet in this New Seventh Golden Age.

Members of these grand councils are considered great cosmic star beings who are commissioned and will now use a variety of ways to let the people of Earth know the time is now to heal yourselves, each other, and your planet. These grand councils that I and my family serve upon, they are, if you will, a step down from the Supreme Galactic Council that oversees our Andromedan Galaxy and your galaxy. I am also a member of the Supreme Council for our sector of the universe which includes both our Andromedan Galaxy and your Milky Way Galaxy, as well as serving on the grand councils of other worlds. We may be considered for this time the universal mentors and advisors commissioned to assist developing worlds such as yours.

We are here now to overlight your world for the next 25 years of this New Golden Age that is now unfolding upon your planet Earth. We have many ways that we can overlight the many different peoples in your world including leaders, scientists, peoples in all walks of life, and most importantly, to work with the current generation of young people to bring lasting change upon your planet.

We will use what you might consider telepathy, thought projection, as we shall plant ideas, revelations, solutions in the mind of the people to advance the evolution of new inventions and more.

We come to enhance the personal will of the people. We come to advance healing modalities the mind, the human mind, cannot even conceive of at this time. We come to ensure that all current and new means of science, engineering, and technology comes with the necessary technology to counteract the dangerous effects of your world’s current technologies. We will work silently behind the scenes unseen and unknown by the people of Earth until your world militaries and leaders understand we mean no harm to the people of Earth.

We will assist scientists in your space agencies to make audio contact with civilizations of other worlds to begin a conversation and hopefully many conversations, and the preparation of an exchange of scientists from your world with scientists from our worlds in order to prepare your world leaders to receive the harmless visitation from other worlds, all who wish to come and assist, all who are part of a divine plan to help your world.

We will consider the greatest risks to all life upon your planet presently, risks to the people of Earth, current risks that can endanger your planet, and the powers of nature. It is our intention to help your scientists to discern present technologies in your world that are dangerous and teach them, show them, how to invent and create counter measures that can use the best of those technologies while neutralizing what may be their dangerous effects.

And so too, as we come, we will help those in your medical world, scientists, doctors, and more in bringing forth new medical inventions that will ultimately heal all disease from your world. We will help to advance a greater understanding of your biological forms of your physical bodies.

And we will help to advance your understanding of the nature of consciousness and the magnificent interaction between consciousness and the physical brain.

We come to help your world advance new harmless energies. We will help your scientists to invent new technologies that can quickly clean up your atmosphere and restore the damage that has occurred form the surface of your planet, provide the science for new interventions, inventions for cleaning up your oceans and more.

Importantly, it is our desire to help those in universities, those who specialize in languages to begin to understand and speak a wonderful new language of how to communicate with many of your kingdoms that you share life with in your world.

We will teach those in your world how to understand the communications that are sent forth from dolphins and whales and how to communicate back to them as well as communication with the animal kingdom just as an example.

We will offer new science and invention to neutralize the chemical damage that has occurred in your world and how to quickly restore the natural resources such as soil so that your agricultural world can once again grow healthy food.

We intend to work closely with your world of engineering. And as an example, to reveal to them to teach them that which ensures countermeasures are available to avoid terrible accidents such as with nuclear sites, nuclear submarines, and more, as an example.

We will help oversee the invention of new aircraft 100% safe, and advance and prepare technologies the creation of spaceships, so that your world can ready itself for contact with other worlds.

We will teach engineering communities how to harvest liquid light from your physical sun to begin to restore the gas belts inside your planet and to balance the tectonic plates of your earth and so much more in this area.

It is our desire to work through the minds of the people to help them bring an end to all injustices in your world and offer through the minds of the wonderful people of earth new dynamic social healing to be freely available to everyone on Earth.

As light now pours to your planet, people’s minds and consciousness shall be cleared of old densities and ancient fears, therefore opening the mind of the people to their own brilliance, omnificent minds that they have not yet experienced.

With our help (and we are a part of the designed plan for your Earth, your people), we will plant seeds of wonderous ideas of how to create true democracies in all nations of the world, bring an end to all poverty, and assist the engineering communities of the world in building wonderous new green cities, cities that will be free of slums and poverty, ensuring everyone has a beautiful home to live in.

We will continuously seek to strengthen the will of the people and to help at this time to bring an end to what has been deliberately hidden from them. Your peoples’ minds and hearts will find amazing new solutions to every problem that exists in your world. We will directly help all those who are spiritually awakening at this time so they quickly may go forth and assist in the great awakening of the peoples of Earth.

When you consider those that I mentioned who have been in your world, ancient descendants of the House of Ra such as Thoth, Isis and Osiris, the long lineage of Egyptian pharaohs that I stated, including Akhenaten and Ramses, our descendants that include the great Egyptian queens, the African queens such as Nefertari, Nefertiti, and Cleopatra, know that each of these and more (there are many more) we all came from Andromedan and we have returned to that brightest star of our galaxy, and in accordance with the Earth’s divine plan, we are returning.

It is my understanding that Mother Akasha, through some of her classes and events, will now open the way to some of these whom I have mentioned to come forth and advance some of what I have spoken into and ensure that our part of a divine plan to step in and help the people of Earth to rise, to remember, to become one voice, ensuring that the five stones which your Mother Akasha has suggested may be by the will of the people the last stone of which the people of Earth shall rise. The people born with a new will to be a new will for new changes upon your wonderful Earth.

It is time, Beloved Hearts, to heal, to repair the damage that you have placed upon yourselves, upon the powers of nature and the forces of the elements. It is time to heal your planet and to bring to an end to dangerous technologies. A time to ensure that all future scientific invention and discovery, and engineering, and technology of science itself always has those countermeasures that immediately come into place if there are moments that those technologies fail or could harm the people of Earth and the Earth itself.

A new world, Beloved Hearts, is coming. A new planet. Planetary change is coming, and it will not be long before your peoples will discover how to live in wonderful healthy physical bodies for centuries of time. And let this stretch your imagination. It will not be long before the change called ‘death’ is eradicated from the consciousness of the people. For in this New Golden Age, the peoples must be taught how to throw off a mortal sense of consciousness, how to throw off mortality that is followed by death to their bodies.

It is time the peoples become illumined as to how to grow the Light of God Source, the love of divine reality in their minds and in their bodies. The time has come for the people of Earth to discover how to take on robes of immortality, giving the gift of their Light, their spirit, their soul, unlimited access to new physical bodies, physical bodies that were intended to harvest the Light of God, the life of God, the life of love of the soul itself. Physical bodies that can be groomed in the heart of timelessness, innocence, and opening the way. That each of you can give the greatest gift of life itself to your physical bodies the gift of immortality.

Your own beloved Jesus that visited your world some 2000 years ago, he came from a distant galaxy, the Golden Shrine galaxy. We have spoken often. And he holds a vision that you might consider in all new ways some words that he offered, that he mentored, those words being: “the last enemy that you must overcome is death.” And although in some religions of the world these words of Jesus Christ are taken in different context, I assure you in his words that the last enemy that you must over-come is death, I assure you that he was referring to the death of the physical body.

So truly, life is a blessing. And that when we watch human beings lose their physical garments through the change called ‘death,’ they may not know. However, we know, that those who lose their physical lives in your world when they leave, they journey to a place that is called the Plains of Bliss, and there they rest. Yet the time comes that they must return back to the Earth in the new embodiment and try again.

This process of re-embodiment and reincarnation, even though it is a fact, and we observe it, yet your world is filled with people with the strangest concepts, people who believe they only live once. Well, I say to you, if that was true, what a tragedy that would be. The truth is, the people of Earth, when they lose their physical bodies, will come back again, and again, and again until a moment of universal enlightenment takes hold of the minds, the hearts, and the consciousness of the people, and the people come to realize what a gift their physical bodies are.

And to realize that when the physical bodies long ago were first created for the people of Earth by the Seventh Mighty Elohim of the Universe, those bodies in their original creation were never intended to age. Sadly, it is the beliefs, it is the duality, that the people of Earth have fallen into, and the people have forgotten how to grow, how to harvest their own spirit, their own soul, their own light within their physical bodies and make their physical bodies such beautiful temples of the great God presence that is the truth of every person on Earth.

And so too, those of us who come from Andromeda will seek to initiate new philosophies, new understanding of what is referred to as spirituality and/or metaphysics. This has already begun in your world and through Mother Akasha’s tree of Life teachings many of her students now have stopped the aging process of their bodies through those teachings, through their meditations, preparing their bodies to be recipients of a new birth, a spiritual rebirth. What a wonderful time your world now enters.

Stay strong through this time of stones. The people will rise.

I am Queen An-Ra, and my family who visited your Earth some 5000 years ago and all our descendants, we are on our way. We are leaving Andromeda and we are coming, and we will station ourselves in the fifth-dimension of your Earth to work with your own Earth’s ascended kind to begin the great overlighting of the consciousness, the minds and the hearts of the people of Earth.

I thank you for considering all that I have offered. May your life be such a magnet’s presence that through your heart draws to each of you what you desire, what you require to make a difference during these times.

I thank you. Adonai. Adonai. Adonai.

Loving Our Planet Free team
Radiant Rose Academy