Saint Germain: All Are Saying “No More”

saint germain eraoflightdotcomI am Saint Germain. I come at this time, in these opportune moments.

These moments that appear to you, to many of you, to be those that are continuing on from the dark forces.

But if you would be but logical for a moment. Think in terms of all that the dark forces have attempted to do over the many thousands of years, and what is occurring now. It is the same. The ‘same old, same old,’ again and again. As you have heard before, they continue to follow the same playbook. Same plan.

But because they continue to follow that same plan, those of the Forces of Light know that plan, and they do everything now, and are doing everything now, to counteract all of their moves.

And if you would think about it again logically for a moment, how could a few, relatively-speaking, across the planet be able to manipulate and control an entire planet of people, an entire collective consciousness? The answer is, they cannot. They may appear to be doing so. Because again, they are following the same plan. And those of the population continue to follow along with that plan. But many more and more across the planet are awakening to that plan, to their subterfuge, to their levels of control.

And people everywhere are saying “No more! We will not be controlled! We will not go gently into the night! We will not quit without a fight!” Yes, that is a quote. But it is an apropos quote. Because that is where all of you are now. All of you that are the Light-workers and -Warriors. You are all saying, “enough! We are taking control now.” Not of each other, but of ourselves. No one can control us unless we allow them to do so.

But the relatively small group of beings across the planet have lost their way, have succumbed to the dark side within themselves, as they continue to attempt to control the mass population. That mass population has all of the forces of Light behind them: those here on the planet, which you know of as the Alliance, and those that are above the planet, those of the Galactics, that are also part of the Alliance, or that make up the entire alliance of the Forces of Light. And all are moving against the small force of darkness. Not only does the Force of Light have the Alliance, those above the Earth and those below the Earth as the Agarthans, but Universal God Source, the Prime Creator, has also said “enough is enough!” and is also behind the movement of the Light Forces. So how can a relatively small few have any chance of overcoming the Forces of Light when there is so much going against them?

I said a few weeks ago on one of your calls that a great announcement was coming. I also said there would be several small announcements as well preceding the larger announcement. They have been coming, and are going to continue to come. And at one point, you can expect a rather large announcement to come forward. Of course, I cannot give you that announcement now, because everything is so much in flux. So much is dependent on the collective consciousness of man as to how and when these announcements and this announcement will occur. But know that it shall.

And know that everything, even though it appears that your world is in turmoil, even though it appears to be so, know that appearances are often deceiving. Because as you look out and see the devastation, or you look out and see the despair, know that there is also a silver lining. Wherever you see ugliness, there is beauty right behind it.

But if you focus on that beauty, not the ugliness, then you raise your vibration in that moment. And as you raise your vibration in that moment, it raises the vibrations of those around you. And as their vibrations raise, it raises those around them as well. And so on, and so on. This is now the vibration of the entire planet is raising now.

Do not let the fear, do not let those that would tend to bring out that fear, do not let them gain control back. Even though they attempt to do so. They are making their last gasp. Taking their last breath. Whether it is a breath toward the Light, or a breath toward the darkness, it is up to them. But it is the breath of life, regardless.

All of you, all of you that are here, either having begun your missions, or yet still to come on to those missions, many of you do not even know what those missions may be yet at this point. But if you follow the inner guidance, follow your Higher Self, follow the guidance of those Guides that work with you, let them bring you into those higher vibrations with them. Let them guide you—not control you, but guide you. If you do that, if you allow for that, then you will be, and continue to be, in the exact moment, in the exact place in those moments, where you need to be.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace and love. And with the Violet Flame that has been brought back to this planet, to the Earth, to the collective consciousness of man, to assist you in purging out the old: the old ways, the old memories, the old programming that is no longer needed.

It is not about going along with the control. It is about reaching out and reaching for the Light within you. Not allowing the control to come over you. Not allow the dark forces within you, within each of you, to take over. Trust yourselves. Trust in The Plan. Because it is all working out exactly as it needs to in every given moment.

Peace and love be with all of you.

» Channel: James McConnell

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