Global Metamorphosis

astrology update eraoflightdotcomIf 2020 is about anything, it’s metamorphosis. Global metamorphosis.

For the caterpoillar, the saying goes, that’s the end. For the butterfly, it’s the beginning.

You’re not just living in a world where an old reality is dissolving its structure — its entire reality — so that it can become something utterly new. Your life is part of the process. You’re part of the dissolving — and you’re also part of the new structure forming beneath the surface, not yet ready to be clearly seen, and already clearly felt. 

Here’s the two words to remember about the astrology of 2020: powerful and unprecedented. Over and over and over, you’re experiencing activations that haven’t occurred this way in centuries — or longer. The message is unmistakable: something very old is being dissolved, into something new and never-before. And you are the space where it’s happening.

Often it seems as if it’s all coming at us, and happening to us. The truth is so much bigger than that. It’s happening within us — ad it’s happening for us. Your heart and mine, your words and mine, and your actions, like mine, are the spaces where the new is entering the world.

To allow that to happen requires great trust — in yourself, in life, and in the Mystery that made you. As my friend Annemiek says, it’s a messy process. It requires our willingness to not know how things will turn out, either tomorrow or next month or next year. And also our willingness to wait.

We’re in approaching the midpoint of this year that began with a reality transformation in January (a merger of our reality gatekeeper Saturn with our metamorphosis catalyst Pluto — in Capricorn, where these two haven’t met in over 500 years. 

It’s going to end with a reality mutation in December (the first of what will be over 200 years of air sign conjunctions by our solar system’s two largest planets — Jupiter and Saturn, who the ancients called the two gurus).

What’s happening between the two is metamorphosis.

It’s not over. It’s just getting real, and deep. We’re now three days out from the first of three eclipses within 30 days — a cycle of cosmic re-set so potent it will only happen six more times in this century. In two weeks, six planets will be retrograde, and two more eclipses are coming — in degrees that haven’t seen eclipses since the months before 9/11/2001. 

The headlines in the news , your own cellular intelligence, and the skies around you are all telling you — and me — the same thing: it’s time to hold space, as we have never done before. The way forward lies in our deepest connection with the Mystery that made us and the precious guidance it offers our broken world.

My friend Annemiek has made holding space for the life force her life work. Founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching, she’s as gifted as anyone I know in calling forth the miraculous aliveness waiting to be felt, heard, seen — and lived — by eveyr single one of us.  Tomorrow — Tuesday, June 9, she’s offering a free workshop to share some of what she’s learned. We’ve never needed it more.

I’m going to be there. And I hope you will too. Because I’ve experienced enough of Annemiek’s wisdom work to know that it carries the most potent medicine of all — the ability to awaken your own unique and precious medicine, so needed now by our world.

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