Heavyweight Boxer, David Rodriguez, Says Hollywood Pedos are Real and ‘Actually Drink Adrenochrome’

truth must be told eraoflightdotcomBoxer David Rodriguez normally fights in the ring. But recently, the fighter came out to give his two cents on Hollywood pedophilia rings.

In case you aren’t aware, more and more is coming out that shows there is a serious problem in Hollywood, and elsewhere. The viral documentary, Out of Shadows sheds light on how bad things are.

Rodriguez says he has connections in Hollywood and can confirm that there is a huge child abuse problem that has been going on for years.

Heavyweight Boxer, David Rodriguez, Says Hollywood Pedos Are Real And 'actually Drink Adrenochrome'

But the good news is there’s a sting operation working to take it all down. And any day now, news of all this will hit the presses, according to Rodriguez.

In the video below, Rodriguez tells the world what he knows.

He says that there are “pedophile rings being taken down.” That “there are children sacrifices where people actually drink adrenochrome.”

Adrenochrome is a drug made from tortured people, usually children.

If you think that’s all crazy bull… have you seen this?


What about this adrenochrome patent. Or this one.

Rumor has it, elite pedophile rings and human trafficking facilities, harvest the drug from tortured children.

Rodriguez claims he knows people in Hollywood and says it is real. Even Barack Obama’s brother has posted about it on twitter.

But before you go grab your bottle of Bourbon to drown away your tears, which is a pretty normal reaction, you should realize that good people are doing something about it.

Rodriguez says “I gotta tell you, a lot of you don’t like Trump but he’s doing the right thing right now.”

Rodriguez isn’t the only one who thinks this.

Have you ever heard of QAnon? This is the alleged positive military operation that is taking down the deep state.

And frankly, after pouring through thousands of Q posts and proofs, I think it really is what it claims to be.

Check out this Q proof video, and if you have evidence that disproves it, please share it with me. Because I couldn’t disprove any of it.

Should we believe Rodriguez?

I don’t know.

He’s just talking into the camera in an off-the-cuff style. But his testimony might lead to an investigation. Or, at least it should, if you ask me.

I won’t speculate too much on what he means with everything he says.

But if you add his testimony to the dozens of facts, like Allison Mack’s involvement in NXIVM, Harvey Weinstein’s conviction, and Jeffrey Epstein’s murder… ahem — excuse me — suicide, then it’s starting to look like there really is a massive pedophile network involving high profile people.

And according to the documentary Rodriguez talks about, Out of Shadows, the CIA and other officials are actively covering up institutional child abuse.

Here’s the video of Rodriguez. Below the video, is the full unedited transcript.

Transcript of Video (unedited)


As you all know I’ve been involved in boxing and being a pro athlete for a long time.

And um.. I’ve made some connections.. I’ve made some powerful connections… with fighters, UFC figures, professional boxers.

I’ve been in that arena, where…

I rub shoulders with some big names. You know. I’ve been around Tony Robbins.

I’ve been around, you know… I’ve gone out with like Opera.

I’ve gone out with a lot of big people. And had.. you know been able to meet a lot of big people and talk to them like I’m talking to you all.

I just want to say one thing. And I know a lot of you are doubting this. But this is the truth, man.

There is a big sting operation going down. It’s happening, and I’m telling you man…

These pedophile rings are being taken down. It’s ahh… Hollywood ain’t cool anymore.

Hollywood is going down. And… I still talk to my sources. I still talk to people.

That are involved and…


There is a big operation going down. And they’re… And they’re getting taken out. And everyday is confirmation to me.

It’s a… It’s a secretive thing.

But I think it’s going to come out.

They say it’s going to come out on the media… um… when it’s all said and done.

And I think what’s going to happen is going to really shock a lot of you.

I mean a lot of you are gonna kinda brush this off and be like, “I always knew this was there.” But I don’t think you understand how prevalent this pedophile rings really are in Hollywood.

And in um… In the sports arenas.. And in Hollywood… And in political arena… I mean everywhere man. It’s bad.

And it’s ahh… It’s human trafficking. You know… And sex trafficking is the hottest thing, the biggest commodity right now.

And I think um… Once this all comes out to the surface a lot of you are going to be disgusted and… and feel very dirty for even knowing the information.


I gotta tell you, a lot of you don’t like Trump but he’s doing the right thing right now.

This guy is uh… spearheading this whole thing it’s an amazing thing to watch. They’re going after the cartels with human trafficking. They’re going after the child pedophilia rings… All these roads lead to Clinton Foundation and Haiti. They lead to…

I’m trying not to give away too much information but um…

Jeffrey Epstein… you know, we all know he didn’t kill himself.

Um… Harvey Weinstein is dropping massive amounts of information.

Ah… There’s a lot going on right now. And it’s going to come to the surface. And you all are going to see this. And you all are going to witness something happen that’s just absolutely amazing.

We need to protect our children, man.

We’re just… You know…

Corey Haim [Should be Corey Feldman] is coming out with documentaries. All these people are wanting to leak information. But it’s all going to come out at the right time.

And ah… like I said… Hollywood is going down.

It’s fucking going down! It’s sinking like the Titanic.

And they’re all trying to bail themselves out. And they’re all trying to jump ship. And some of the biggest celebrities that you know were involved in this shit.

And I’m not going to reveal any names… But um… I have friends that are… I’m gonna just say it… I’m not bragging or anything like that.

But I have friend that are A-list celebrities that are good people and they drop some names to me that I was like whoa! I cannot imagine that.

I mean… I can’t… You believe… You can’t understand that there are children sacrifices where people actually drink adrenochrome. Where they terrify the child so much… And this is hard to swallow…

This is hard to even… grasp… but… it’s an actual ancient ritual to terrify mainly children, cause they’re more pure, they’re adrenal glands are more pure… terrorize them to the point where they’re so scared and they’re pumping out so much adrenaline… and they’re so terrified.

And you finally kill them and you drink their blood and it like the ultimate aphrodisiac, it’s like the fountain of youth. It rebuilds collagen. And it… And it ahh.. does all kinds of ahh… enhancements for the body.

It’s a sick. It’s a sick, sick, sick, sick, ritual ceremonies. And now they bottle it up and sell it in the vials. And people buy this shit. It’s a drug.

And if you see… You know… I’ve looked at before and after pictures of some of these celebrities that have been on adrenochrome, supposedly, and then off and it looks like they aged twenty to thirty years in a matter of a month.

This shits real. And I don’t care if ya’ll call me looney, a conspiracy theorist. I’m not.

I know people in this business that… that ahh… are confirming to me what I know. And this is an operation going down. And I can’t wait to see these dominos fall man… these pieces of shit get taken out, cause… it’s time.

And I think… I really do believe, on a spiritual level, it’s a matter of a mass awakening happening right now.

I believe our planet is going through a global shift of consciousness to where we are all waking up and seeing the reality of what… what really is this matrix… what is really going on in this reality.

And I think that um… that we’re going to haver to deal with a lot of good and a lot a lot of ugly. And… cause you gotta have both.

You gotta know the dark side and the good side. And I think the dark side is going to reveal itself. And you all are going to be very very um… bothered by this. And disgusted.

I mean, if are… If you have any kind of good grain left in you or… any good of a… morality, you’re gonna be disgusted with what you see.

Ahh… You know… I’m sitting back patiently with this quarantine kinda knowing this information… kinda like, wow… this shit is going down.

I… we all know the economy is not going to ever be the same. I don’t know what’s going to happen there. There’ s rumors of it to a gold-backed dollar.

And getting rid of the Fed. I can’t… I can’t validate any of this… But I can… I feel confident enough that I do know the pedophile rings are going down.

And we have ships in the Caribbean right now intercepting drugs.

Trump has sent big battleships out… they’re fighting the cartels. I mean… This is going down.

Now… I think the virus [Coronavirus] was a global attack by a… it was a bioweapon. I do believe that.

I think the virus does exist but not to the scale they say it is. I think… Fucking everyone is dying of the coronavirus … but… wig… ahh.. dying of other ailments and then they’re saying it’s the coronavirus. I don’t know… I’m skeptipal… skeptical about all that.

But I do know… Hollywood is going down right now. And I just wanted to say my little piece.

There is a silver lining in this… in this quarantine and in this lockdown. And I think we all just need to be patient to see what surfaces. And it is going to… um…

There is a documentary online that came out that a friend sent me called Out of the Shadows [Out of Shadows]… It’s either in the shadows of out of shadows. But I have to check. I think it’s out the shadows. And… it’s on YouTube… I ahh.. I would check it out.

Um… it’s really good. Goes in depth about this stuff. And um… You’re gonna to just see how disturbing and how sick these fucking people are.

Um… Ahh… You know… Sigh…

You know, right now everyone just… stay diligent. You know… Keep your routines simple.

It’s an exciting time to be alive in my opinion. I think this is a really exciting time to be alive. But I think a lot of earth shattering breakthroughs are going to be happening.

You know… I think the direction where going is like… for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. And I think we’re going to start coming into a lot of ahh… ahh… preventative medicine, cures… herbal… ahh… You know therapies and um… cures for diseases.

And I think we’re going to have so many breakthroughs… right now is such an exciting time to be alive. So that’s my positive note on it.

And I think that all of us need to um… pay attention.. you know I’m learning how to mediate now. I’m praying everyday. I’m staring to… you know… I never used to do that in boxing.

I was always go go go go go… train train train train… fight… intense guy. And now I”m starting to sit back and just… you know… like enjoy the view… like look at this view… You know… like… That’s all of Mexico over there. All of Mexico. All right there.

I’m just enjoying going out side. I’m enjoying being with my family. I’m really keeping it simple. And just very ahh… down to earth man…

But I’m telling you… what’s happening right now is a very very exciting time.

So pay attention. Keep your ears to the ground. And know that big things are happening. And I’m… I’m convinced on that.

Um… yeah… what… it’s never going to be the same. I think just like when the internet came out it changed humanity. It changed consciousness for… you know… humanity’s consciousness. It was a shift… the internet.

There’s pre-internet and then there’s… every technology was moving somewhat.. it was moving slower throughout time, for thousands of years. But once the internet hit… boom, it was like an explosion of information and technological breakthroughs and inventiveness and ingenuity, right after the internet.

I think that was a shift in the world, right. I was a shift… a shift in consciousness.

I think the same thing is happening now with this global shutdown… um… the economy being wrecked. I think it’s going to forever shift our consciousness. And we’re moving into a more spiritual way of being if you chose that route… if you chose that route.

And I think it’s very important that um… we focus on the good things. We… we go within. And um… really pay attention to ourselves and what we want in life and become more creative.

Anyway that’s my two cents.

Thank you all for tuning in. Um… I just wanted to give my two cents, that’s it.

Thank you all. You have a good day. I hope you enjoy the day. Go for a walk. Go for a run.

Um… Looking at all the people asking questions I can’t read cause the sun’s in my face a little bit. But yeah it’s a paradigm shift, Sonya. It’s a paradigm shift.

So big things happening. And I think we just gotta be patient.

I love you guys man. Take it easy.


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2 Replies to “Heavyweight Boxer, David Rodriguez, Says Hollywood Pedos are Real and ‘Actually Drink Adrenochrome’”

  1. Linda Rosa

    Hmmm, I missed reading this expose’ back in 2020. No one will read these words I am writing now, and I like that! Back in 2020, we began reading about cremation of care ceremonies at bohemian grove sponsored by the grand tongue in cheek supreme masters of the universe, the members of the (ooooooh spooky) deep state and (horror of horrors) the cabal. I began researching many topics back then, adrenochrome being one of them. I searched and searched for what I was hoping was valid information about this heinous act against babies, little children. What I found out as I dug deeper and deeper into this filthy practice hurt my spirit profoundly. i realized there was/is a bottomless pit of horror that was hell on/in earth for many little human beings being tortured for their adrenoline. I was repulsed and disgusted. Then The Donald showed photos of giant govt-owned ocean vessels that were going to house all of the children/tiny babies included, who would be rescued from deep tunnels and underground military bases where my precious children were caged like animals and tormented beyond belief. There were two vessels, the Mercy and the Comfort – gleaming white ocean liners that would house the rescued infants, toddlers and little children. One vessel docked in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic. I expected to see reports showing footage of children being taken onto the ships, but it never happened. Now fast forward to 2022. Whatever happened to the Mercy and Comfort? There’s little mention of human trafficking anymore. The Truth might be wearing a muzzle and blindfold right now, but it is still there. I wonder – will we still be horrified about this if/when it is revealed to be FACT and the sleepy, entertainment-driven masses are called out of their craft beer haze and FORCED TO SEE REALITY, including the ugliness of it? Were we desensitized enough in 2020 to the point of no return? Is nothing sacred any longer? Remember when for a very many of us, love was alive? It seems to me that the words of script-your have come true. “At that time before the second arrival of Jesus Christ the love of the many shall wax (grow) cold.”

  2. Karen Keener

    Hey Nino,
    I absolutely love to watch you on nino’scorner.tv. I get so much angrier than you and I think that I am the female version of you. I was trying to find your email but couldn’t. I just wanted you to know that I think you are so flippin awesome and just keep being you and stop apologizing for it. I look so forward to you everyday cuz I just get called a conspiracy theorist by everyone I try and talk to. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you are extremely gorgeous also.