Ivo of Vega: Where is Your Perspective?

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomIvo: You have a choice as to how you see current events on your planet. Great progress has been made for 3 of the world’s largest economies (countries): the United States, Russia and China.

Russia’s ascension began years ago, of course when Eastern Germany was freed, the iron curtain countries became independent and the USSR was downsized to what is now Russia. They have gone through much transition.

With China it is a question of Hong Kong and Tibet being freed. They are in the hands of the Communist Illuminati at the moment.

As for the United States, it is close to NESARA compliancy. Politics is being fought at the state level versus the feds and these states will fall and become compliant.

For the individual, you live in your particular country for a reason. You have always brought light to this country, you have been a part of its collective karma for your lifetime.Now you have the choice, as you always did, of how you wish to see what is going on. Many of you are more activated in your higher chakras, so you have more information available to you to guide you to view your country’s progress at whichever level you wish to.

Level 1 – the physical level – this is a level which is devoid of emotion and intellect, yet there are some who continue to view life at this level, considering only the physical circumstances that might befall them. For example, the person who fears only the loss of property, but does not consider the loss of family or friends in any transaction.

Me: This sounds kind of weird but it also sounds like some people I know. I know even my father was more concerned about the car after the accident I got into instead of me and how I was faring.

Ivo: And this is my point, my love. When one represses the emotions and the intellect is strictly controlled through mind control, this is how a human will respond at the lowest level: materially.

Me: Interesting.

Ivo: Level 2: Emotionally. This of course relates to the second chakra. While emotionally considering the circumstances one sees, the respond might be of how this would affect the country as a whole emotionally, or how one’s emotions are being torn apart by viewing what they are viewing.

Level 3 – Intellectually. This relates to seeing circumstances with a purely thought out perspective, not considering the emotional consequences or perhaps even the physical consequences of current events in your country. This comes across as rather “dry” and unemotional. And you will notice that many statements given by your leaders express the intellectual response. This is indicative of how your world runs: intellectually.

Me: Yes, I can relate to that too. Thought out with perspective on what it to come, also from an intellectual standpoint.
So then, Ivo, what happens when the heart is opened to consider current circumstances?

Ivo: Ah, yes. This changes everything because the heart is the seat of the higher perspective. When higher perspective is considered rather than lower physical, emotional and intellectual perspectives, this indicates involvement of the soul in earthly matters, which is the goal of ascension. You are in the fourth dimension and for many they are working on issues of the heart in an attempt to keep it open in order to always achieve the soul-based energies and to stay out of the lower domain of the intellect, emotion and the material/physical perspective.

When the heart is opened, the soul is connected.

When one has a heart-based perspective, on seeing the protesters, looting, and response by your leaders, the heart will see the love that lies behind all the behaviours and their responses. The heart of those rioters who embraced the policemen as they kneeled before them, and asked them to, “Walk with us,” “Join us!” This is heart. This is soul. The souls of the policemen and the souls of the protesters connecting. This has seldom happened before. But you are in a higher dimension now.
When the protesters protected the lone policeman from other protesters. When the protesters pointed out the Antifa people, when the bricks were photographed and spread across social media – this is heart. This is the heart that tells you not to fall for these tricks. It is not the mind. Your lower minds are very controlled – your heart and higher minds are not. They see clearly. The third eye sees clearly.

Level 5 – the throat chakra. This is the chakra of expression and there are many on your social media whose aim it is simply to spread the truth. This is the function of the throat chakra, which is your soul spreading the truth. Not all are spreading truth, and these are not throat chakra activated people. Their intent lies in the lower chakras which are imbalanced at best.

The soul of the people is being shown now. Yes, they are rioting. They are buying guns to protect their homes and their families. This is fear.
You have a choice now to fear or not to fear.

As I have pointed out to Sharon so many times before (Me : LOL), how you choose to react indicates what you will experience. How many people have experienced getting out of bed to a problem, then decided it was going to be a bad day. And the situations worsened as the day wore on. You are creating this. Because you fear having a bad day, you create it.

When you get out of bed to see that the dog has eaten your slipper overnight and you say, “It is going to be a bad day!” You set yourself up for that. Instead of saying, “I have enough money to buy new slippers,” or, “I’m glad the dog enjoyed himself overnight, I slept very well too,” or, “I love my dog. Sometimes he does things I don’t like, but I love him and could never think of living without him, so what’s one slipper?” You look at what you call the bad and you focus on creating more.
The same is happening now. Collectively many are focusing on the bad, and yes, the media complies by putting it on the TV (fear porn), and so you create more problems than need be. The Cabal knows it has your attention with the Antifa fighters, so it will put more out there. This is backfiring because of the citizen reporters who are showing this is being done and alerting others.

The ones in the know must alert those who are ignorant.

However, everyone is functioning at their own predominant chakra level, some with the wisdom of soul and others without.

You are a collective. You have the capability of calming others within the collective by infusing calming energies into your collective unconscious. There are calls for meditations to do exactly that, and at prime times within the lunar and galactic cycles to increase effectiveness.

How do you wish to see your life?

At the physical level where you worry about the destruction of your house?

At the emotional level where you fear that your life will be irrevocably changed and you will suffer pain?

At the intellectual level where you stand back to draw conclusions that are devoid of the whole picture?

At the heart level where you see the love being exchanged between parties that otherwise would have been warring?

At the throat level where you express the truth and reveal the deceptions? You spread the word as an act of love for the people of your country and your world.

At the third eye level where you see all clearly from a soul perspective? And in so doing, you do not fear and thus do not need to attract any adversity to yourself or your family. You hold higher light within the collective to support those who are still learning.

At the crown level where you see the ramifications of this war on the rest of the universe and of consciousness. Where you see the wholeness of the One being returned to your planet, because you see people uniting, overlooking petty problems in order to unify your country and to restore peace. You see the rest of the universe working with you to restore the Oneness of Eden to earth again.

At this perspective you are untouchable. But you came to earth, so you came to give back, to hold the consciousness together in anticipation of the day that you can let it go again, and it will not break into pieces.

You came to be the glue, you came to be the one who holds the higher vibration to help those who do not.

This is a fourth dimensional perspective on the war going on on your planet now.

There are many metaphysical ramifications for the soul, the monad and the whole of consciousness. There are no enemies. The only reality is love. Anything that is not of love was never real, thus it should never be feared.

It is all for the learning. All for the teaching. All for the loving.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you are my only partner for eternity. We are One.

» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart