Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Advancements

higher self image eraoflightdotcomThe enforced lockdown because of Covid19 has ensured that people have sufficient time to think about the future and what they want from life. Consequently changes are taking place that will in some instances result in those that are permanent.

These had to happen to speed up your pathway to Ascension, as many souls are now ready for such advancement. There is still time to lift your vibrations to ensure you are ready to ascend as it is still some years from occurring. The exact time is not yet known but there is an indication that it will take place during 2029/2030. (1)

The changes that are coming will bring into being new and easier ways of doing things, some providing time saving with the net result that you will have more time to yourselves. There are so many advancements that have been held back from you that have long been in use by the dark Ones. Clearly they must eventually be released and once their minions have been rounded up that opportunity will arise.

We would remind you that you are still creating your own future so it is important that you remember to think positively at all times. As you evolve your power of thought will become stronger and stronger. It is also worth reminding you that as you project your thoughts, you should express yourselves as though you had already benefitted from them. In other words by doing so you will attract more of the same, meaning that if you keep projecting negative thoughts concerning “lack” you will end up with more of the same.

Some souls seem unable to understand their power of thought and attract all types of problems to themselves. It is the “I never have any luck” person who cannot understand that it is themselves that have brought it about. However, as we have told you previously, there is only the one exception and that is karma that you may have brought upon yourself that is still to be cleared.

Be assured that most souls on Earth at this time agreed to be present wishing to be part of the Ascension process. Many are doing their best to be ready and if you adhere to the recommendations we have given previously you have every chance of success. Certainly you have received every encouragement to follow a path that takes you to Ascension. Nearly all of you have been evolving through your experiences covering five complete cycles, with the present one being the first opportunity for all souls to ascend having passed the marker.

There are untold benefits awaiting you including life without the interference of the dark Ones. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises will be reunion with those souls who were members or friends of your family waiting to greet you. A loss of family members is undoubtedly one of the saddest times you will have experienced upon Earth, and meeting again will be a most memorable occasion. Any time lapse from when you last met will be of no consequence as each soul can present itself in the form you last remembered it in. There can also be souls that you have only met whilst out of the body, which experiences you may not have had any waking memories of.

Life is tough living in a freewill Universe but it has its rewards because when you come through it you are ready to face whatever challenges come your way. You will have come from a level where you have been pushed to your limits, and evolved at a faster rate than you would have in an easier situation. You knew fully well what you might encounter but had faith in your own ability to come through it successfully. For all of the hard times you have experienced you will have a future ahead that will give you every pleasure and satisfaction. Even on Earth you have had some exciting and fulfilling times but they will not compare with what the future holds for you.

In your present situation you are rapidly beginning to learn of the vastness of Space and how it is teeming with life very much like your own, and all with few exceptions are human-like. At this time, many are preparing to meet up with you offering their help and guidance into a new era. You are all admired for your confidence and determination to rise up again after reaching the depths of despair. There will be celebrations recognising your great achievement in rising up again. You have yet to look back at your journeys and experiences that will surely make you feel humble but overjoyed at your success.

We try our best to lift you up when you encounter difficult times, as we do appreciate how much you are affected by what goes on around you. When you have needed it we have given you a boost and raised your spirits. What few souls are aware of is that often meet with you when you are out of the body during your sleep period.

So you obviously know us well and we look forward to the time we can come together again. What you are now experiencing may seem like a dream and it is unreal yet seems quite real when you are experiencing it. It raises the question as to what is actually real, as you probably know by now that all that exists is through the power of thought.

There is so much for you to learn, as you might say “never a dull moment” and it will take you all of the way to being a Galactic Being. That is way into your future but it tells you what great potential you have, you are in reality great beings. Naturally in your present situation you are unaware of it, because at your present level you are at such a low vibration.

However, that situation is rapidly changing as all of the time Mother Earth is moving into areas in Space that are of a higher vibration. Yes, having successfully passed the marker you have earned the opportunity to move into the higher vibrations and all that it entails.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes from my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

8 Replies to “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Advancements”

  1. Tom

    Does it really matter just live a good life and love all you see. Do not judge and all will work out.You are the one you are waiting for go in and find that energy.

  2. Doug

    Dates, Dates and more Dates…..Been at this since the mid 80s and even earlier if you count it all. But learned very clearly decades ago….Give up the SCENARIOS….completely. All is relative. Kryon has us all ascending way into the future. The point is….nothing is gonna be handed to us. Yes, lots of things are changing in the world, but we as current beings on earth need to evolve on our own accord. No ‘beings’ are gonna learn the lessons for us. And Truly….it is ALL about the journey. Many just want it all to be over like right now. This IS what we all signed up for, like it or not. It is the juice of living that is what makes it all worth it. Savor the moment, find your inner moods and nurture what you Love. I am not saying things will not evolve quickly…just don’t know….But being in the present moment is a skill and craft that few want to indulge in…WHY? Because most find it too hard and would rather bitch about what is not happening than finding and feeling what is happening. If two people go to a movie, one could be crying through every scene while, for some reason, the other is laughing along all through it. Same movie, different perspective. Choose your life or Life will choose you.

  3. Doug James

    I dont trust this person.. 2029?? The window to ascend closes 2025!! Per Cobra and 3 waves arrive to give people 3 chances to awaken…1st wave is this year. 2029.. are u kidding me we wont be here if that is the case.

  4. Christophe

    @starflower makes you sometimes doubt the whole thing or at least the validity and accuracy of channeling

    1. Starflower

      Oh definitely, I’ve been wondering if it’s better to avoid chanelled into altogether. No doubt a lot of it is purely to confuse and misuide us. It really is hard to work out who to trust.

  5. Starflower

    I second the other comment, many other channelings have said that the exact date isn’t known or they can’t tell us, although one (Michael Love) says it will happen on the 11th Novemeber this year, another says the 20th June this year and alot say it is very close, I read one the other day saying we can ascend any time and that many already have – when there is so much mixed information how are we meant to believe what we are reading? I truly believe in 5d and ascension but surely all of the information should be the same? I’m finding several of these readings tend to contradict each other.

  6. Christophe

    The exact time is not yet known but there is an indication that it will take place during 2029/2030. (1)

    Can you expand on this ? It is unusual to get an accurate date relating to ascension as ascension is supposed to be a consequence of the collective consciousness so by definition unpredictable.

    All other channelings hinting that we are on the verge of it, it’s also surprising to hear not for the next 9 to 10 years without more explanations