Ashtar: Your Councils Are Guiding You

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomYour counsels are guiding you.

What do I mean by this? Alas, many of you don’t realize the significance you have in being on earth right now. Ivo has explained some of this in videos and books, and Sharon has relayed the messages, so I will add my part in this now.

You are all representing a world, or worlds, or dimension or dimensions in your work here on earth. As I said, you may not realize it. You are multi-dimensionals, and at times, so is your work.

If your most recent past life was in the Pleiades, then Pleiadian guides will be assigned to you, sometimes a twin flame, sometimes family members from that lifetime, and sometimes counsel members who wish to infuse earth again with the knowledge of that counsel, through you. The counsel members are always watching you, as you are an ambassador for their worlds, representing them upon the earth. Your life is not any less important than that.

Sometimes you may see beings you’re unfamiliar with, see shadows walking through your home, have dreams of strangers who seem alien to you…. these are often the counsel members as they school you, answer your questions, and work on your awakening.

If you have a predominance of lives in any particular area of the galaxy, such as Vega and Sirius, such as Sharon has, then you will be visited by counsel members of both these worlds. They may be of differing frequencies as well, if you have had lives of differing frequencies in their worlds.

If you have had past lives in many different constellations, or many different dimensions, then congratulations, you are playing a role of infusing the knowledge of the One through to your planet. You are a complete being with information entrusted to you by many worlds and God himself.

If you are a master, then speaking to the masters will also be possible.

If your physical body has other bloodlines than those your soul predominates with, then these counsels will be interested in you. DNA is key.

You are a receiver, you receive the energies from these constellations, their stars and from the people on these planets, and it is infused into your DNA and transferred down into the inner core of earth. Gaia is enriched by your energy transfers. This happens always, but specifically at peak times of open portals, galactic alignments and also through visitation.

Many of you have no idea of the unique role you are playing to reconstitute the earth as a knowledge bank, to restore her to the wonderful realm of perfection that she once was.

Light is being infused into your planet in so many ways, and in so doing, you raise its frequency and the frequency of the people upon it. You raise them back to their splendor as the Olympians they once were, the Atlases, the Aphrodites, the gods who walked this planet in Antiquity, the marvelous loving powerful beings that earthlings once were.

Your contribution is so appreciated, you have no idea how loved you are.

We are with you,


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