Deepest Truths Need to be Found From Within

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomWhen such calling comes, note that you will be led and guided, as you are now ready to walk the path of Illumination. It is a path – a journey, not something which just happens and then is completed. No! As you walk this path, you will be put through severe tests at times, which will challenge you to step past the old programming, the old belief systems, that which has kept humanity prisoner and asleep for so long. You will find that the constant bombardment of the media, the outside world, with untruths and false information, will have to be overcome and the deepest truths needs to be found from WITHIN. Not OUTSIDE – WITHIN!

As the soul progresses, there will moments, when you just see so clearly, that that your experience of inner seeing and knowing, will be greater than yourself. You will have tears of awe and gratitude and oneness running down your cheeks. You will be so filled with the Fires of Illumination, from within and without. It is then that the anointing will come. You will be anointed by the Higher Ranking Masters, by the Divine and the Group your soul belongs to, in the INNER planes.

Such moments are profound. You will find immeasurably powerful energy coursing through you, and you have moments when your whole being expands, expands, expands into ALL-THAT-IS!

It is wise when those moments come, to record them and to date them in your journal. For they will become like guiding lamp posts on your journey. For when such anointing comes, it is merely the beginning of the next phase of your journey of enlightenment, and the next learning curve for your soul has been revealed. The subsequent steps will take you through the necessary purification levels, where your soul will be purified and all even further clarified in greater detail.

The tests, the purification, are a means to clean out what needs to be removed, so that space is created for even higher levels of Illumination. Note again, that it is a journey and process.

Even the Hierophant is tested far more severely than the new kid on the block! Yet, the Hierophant will not have attained that rank, if they were not capable of withstanding such trials – for each test passed, leads to higher degrees of insight and understanding, higher degrees of Universal Knowing, of experiencing the Divine, Divinity! The Anointings become more intense, yet with it, the heart centre opens up into more and unconditional Love, stretches and become the Ultimate Power of Love.

For the whole Omni Verse exists and is governed by the Power of Love.

The Fires of Illumination, now returned to those who truly seek them, will work with you, if you invite them in.

First you will be tested to see if you are serious. Meaning, what is your intent. What do you wish to attain? How do you wish to serve in a much higher degrees? Are you willing to give up your life, literally die to the old you, and allow yourself to be reborn and resurrected into the new you? The expanded you? The Illumined you?

There can be no holding onto the old life anymore. You have to let go.

Some never make it, for it is too scary to maybe lose the partner, to lose the family, the human collective tribe, the safe ground, the false programming. It is painful to open the old soul wounds and to dig deeply into the reserves. It cleaves all open, it leaves you exposed, even more vulnerable at times than a new born baby.

There is a conversation in the Gospels, where Jesus tells Nicodemus: “Unless you are willing to be reborn, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Greater truth has never been recorded. Unless you are willing to allow yourself to die unto the old you, the falsely programmed you, all the collective unconscious, the collective fears, the collective pain, you cannot be reborn into the highest states of Illumination!

You first have to allow the old to fall away, the old to be transcended, so that you can be reborn and resurrected into the much higher, more powerful, more illumined you!

There will be times when you are so filled with luminosity that you literally tend to float through life, yet, know that there will be times when you will struggle, you will question, when you will literally sink back in the Underworld of Hades, and feel lost in the darkness and will flail. Learn to accept those times as times of intense learning. They are necessary for they are teaching you immensely powerful lessons of keeping the faith, and holding onto trust, even if you cannot see where you are going, and cannot understand what is happening to you and why.

You will look back later and find that you were carried through these times and that indeed your soul grew with leaps and bounds. You have transcended the old and have been born into a much higher and more profound version of yourself. You have become so much lighter and brighter – as lit up from within.
That is the true state of illumined Being!”

Judith Kusel