The Age of Love is Dawning

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I know that there is so much now which is pushing and challenging you, and more than this, it often will feel surrealistic as the old ways, the old knowing disintegrates, and a totally new life is emerging on all fronts.

The best thing is to keep it simple and to avoid pushing, striving and trying to do what you always have done – when you ran the ratrace and bought into the illusions of the 3D world. The pushing, shoving, etc. is not working anymore.

This is time to quietly go forward, one single step at a time. If something comes up which is pushing your buttons, then go and look deeply at the root cause, of why this is pushing your buttons, and then go and forgive and let go, and go and heal the wounds.

Release the past with love – it has lived its cause and it has been dealt and done with. Thank it for its service and all the souls involved and then continue your journey, having left another piece of heavy lugguge behind.

The more luggage you leave behind, the freer you get. For the old clothes and all the old gadgets and the old way of living and thinking, serve no more. All of this is just weighing you down. Let go.

Take time to be alone, and take time to go into the proverbial cave and connect deeply with your own soul. There is something magical about going into your own cave, for you will find that if you do, and not allow the distractions of the outside world to enter, you will find magic within you.

All the greatest teachers and sages who ever graced the planet often retreated into caves or into the desert, the wide open spaces, where they were they had nowhere to go to, but within themselves, and to communicate with the Divine.

The 40 days and 40 nights, so often referred to in the Bible and elsewhere served these souls in ways we have long forgotten about and long forgotten how to apply. It there that the deepest soul awakening happens, for here one is confronted with the darkest within oneself and the lightest and through it all, an intense rebirth happens, which goes beyond description and beyond words.

You do not need to go and find a cave or disappear into the desert – you can create your own inner retreat in a way which suits you. More than this, you will be blessed with moment of awe and wonder, when miracles unfold.

Connect deeply with Mother Earth: She is much bigger than you and has already ascended into the 5D and is now rapidly ascending into the 7th. If you ask her she will assist you in assimilating the energy changes more easily. She is much bigger than you are!

Live simply. Eat lightly. Live each moment fully, deeply within the core of your soul, and then connect with the Divine, in all ways you can, and call in the angels, archangels, and Ascended Masters to assist you and guide you. Listen deeply within.

Find your inner joy! Let nothing and no one steal your own inner joy and the lightness of Being! One can find joy in the simplest of things, and one can find joy in walking in nature, and allowing her healing balm and beauty to lift you up. I was rewarded the other day, by simply walking on the beach, and sitting down on rock, and then the whales appeared and communicated with me, and then the dolphins, and lastly the Mermaids appeared and I felt so immensely blessed, rejuvenated and energized! They gave me profound messages regarding this time and they are serving with such love.

Go and serve from the heart and soul, and with great love. I have always, when I have been most challenged, said to my myself: “If I cannot inspire myself, I will go and inspire others.”

Every day, I ask the Divine to use me as His/Her instrument so that I can serve in the highest possible way, with great love. The World needs your inspired and loving presence and leadership right now, in all and every way you can lovingly serve.

As long as you allow the outside world to run your life, you are not free as a soul to truly express yourself. At this time, it does not matter what is going on outside! If does not matter what other people are doing or not doing: – what matters is what YOU are doing and how you are allowing yourself to shift into total rebirth, renewal and transformation!

Look at the transformation a butterfly needs to go through, before it can emerge in all its beauty. It is a silent process, where all is transformed, within a cocoon. Allow yourself to cocoon at times, until you go through the process of transformation, and you can fully step into the 5D master and even higher! It is a process!

More than this: Embrace unconditional Love for self, and others. Let go of the old judgments, the criticisms, the fears, the anger, the bitterness, and all the old emoitonal baggage, It is just weighing you down (remember the luggage).

It does not matter what THEY are doing or not doing: – what matters is what YOU are doing and how you are choosing to live your life!

The more you love yourself unconditionally, the more you love everyone else unconditionally. This is the Age of Love dawning, when the Gospel of Love is being returned. Love, love, love and more love. Love more love into being and become the love which changes the world!

We are All ONE.

The 3D separation and alienation has gone – yet you first need to find the unity, the wholeness within you, so that you can manifest this outwards.

We are ONE.

One Heart.

One Mind.

One Spirit.

One Soul.

One Being.

Judith Kusel

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