The Vastness of Being: Transforming Self Hatred with Love

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomIn the midst of change the swirling chaotic energies are bringing to the surface that which can no longer be ignored. Man’s inhumanity to man over the centuries is arising on a global level hand in hand with a virus that has many people gripped in fear. This is not random, as racism has been a global pandemic for centuries. This needs to be cleared for all races – and genders – if we are to move forward into inter galactic communication with other species. Whereas this transmission doesn’t directly address racism, it does address fear, which is at the heart of racism. Humanity needs a breakthrough in consciousness to come to know – not “believe” – but to know that we all come from the same Source.

The Vastness of Being is stepping up with information flowing from many aspects of Source. This one came through from beings from the Antares star system.

We are of a civilization in a constellation of stars which is over-lighted by Antares. We have undergone a similar awakening as you on Earth are going through. You have heard from many sources that human beings are treasured and found fascinating by some intergalactics for their creativity and ability to feel a range of emotions. That is a powerful combination. Some beings have harvested this ability by provoking fear in the Human collective and feeding off that energy.

Human beings have not touched – most human beings, that is – have not yet touched upon the true nature and expansiveness of their creativity. There is an addiction to fear which breeds anger and hatred and narrows the channel of creation. There is an addiction to criticizing self and others. There is a wound that is festering in the human heart and human consciousness. This wound is constantly being prodded into activation by beings who feed on fear. You have observed how those who are “right-leaning” and those who are “left-leaning” are generating the same vibrational frequency of anger and hatred, self-righteousness and judgment. There is a saying – two wings, same bird. Until human beings look deeply into themselves to heal the wound of unworthiness, they will not be able to move forward.

The New Children

There are children coming into the world that are not carrying this wound. Many are able to be in neutrality, although the beliefs and patterns of their parents, caregivers and teachers are being placed upon them. Yes, these people are unwittingly programming their children to their own unhealed frequency. These children do not have receptors for the wound of unworthiness. It is something that is acquired through programming. Their DNA is different, for they are not carrying the ancestral memories of unworthiness, so the programming will not be successful.

Many children have parents who have done their own clearing of their ancestral lineage and soul experiences and recognize their children as gifts unto the world and so they are able to do their best to nurture their hearts.

The wound of self-hatred

There are many, however, who are still in the thrall of fear and the judgment and anger is something they cultivate and draw to themselves. Humanity has a deep hatred of itself. Many Human Beings feel and think that they are not worthy to live on the Earth. Many Humans feel that all of Humanity isn’t worthy to live on the Earth and that very feeling cultivates behaviour which mirrors it back into experience. We tell you that Humans ARE worthy of living on Earth. How about living from THAT truth, instead? Then you will behave according to the feeling of worthiness, which grows a relationship to the earth – and all life forms – of Namaste – of connection to nature, to all of life – and to one another.

Yes, Namaste – living from the centre of the blessing of Namaste – the Source of Life within me honours the Source of Life within you. I have paraphrased the meaning here in my own way – life honouring life, whether it be another human, or a tree or a bug. Honouring all of life, which is unity consciousness. To live our lives from this understanding would change how we live with one another and with the nature of Earth. To live from this frequency brings a feeling of responsibility, honour and connection to life. This is what we have an opportunity to shift at this choice point we are in – to move from feeling separate from life, to BEing within life.

There are many teachers and teachings that speak of the power of love. It always comes back to love. However, we know you see that so many are not cultivating love. It is as if they are simply unable to let go of the emotional weaponry they carry and the need to defend their own programming in the form of ideas and beliefs. They do not know that they have been programmed and also that they are running energy from the baggage of their ancestors. The ancestral accumulation of responses to trauma and the subsequent coping mechanisms weigh heavily on many humans and turns into fear and self-hatred. This is tragic.

Being the Change

One can only cultivate and practice self-love to heal the wound of unworthiness within oneself and continue to practice mindfulness and devotion to the beloved within, which is truly your own divine soul essence. The beloved is YOU. When you are in this frequency of love, you radiate it into the world and that radiance has the power to reach into the heart of humanity.

Awakening into pure love dissolves the need to be right, dissolves the need to tell your story over and over, dissolves the programming of generations of wounded humans. All each individual can do is take care of themselves and find the love within to honour and cherish their own Divine Soul Essence.

The energy of Source is neutral, the universal life force energy is an isness without judgment. It exists within all sentient beings. It is the sentient beings which infuse this Source Light Energy with love or with hatred. With fear or with trust. We feel the love as a nectar, a healing nectar to soothe the fear within the wound of humanity.

Loving ourselves, our bodies

You are being accelerated at this time. You have an opportunity to release the legacy of disempowerment that has plagued humanity for eons. You are creator beings. You have created all that is around you. Through love, you can begin to access your own superpowers of creativity that will enable you to clear the pollution within you and on the Earth. The energies coming through the galaxy we dwell within support this unfoldment and expansion. With love, Humanity will rise into full potential as creator beings without the influence of the death star that is still transmitting fear in order to keep feeding off the fear that the powerful humans radiate through their anger, criticism and judgment at this time.

Turn your attention away from those who are in fear. That is what they have come into this life with and many have not done the work necessary to know themselves deeply. Many are engaged in the habitual fear programs and do not realize how they are being manipulated by parasitic entities. Their anger, judgment and fear cloud their vision. They are attached to stories and beliefs that they feel safe within, even though the beliefs are based in fear.

Those in fear do not realize that they have power within themselves to maintain their healthy bodies. We do not mean to judge illness or dis-easement or accidents that happen, even though we also do not believe in “accidents”. The body cleanses itself. There are long held beliefs that have turned humans against their bodies- the self-criticism of their body not being right, beautiful enough or good enough. This is an attack on the very vessel that holds your consciousness, the very vessel that you chose to carry you through a lifetime of experience, no matter what kind of shape that vessel is. Loving your body is part of your vitality.

I see how hating the body we are in is devastating to our spirit, keeps us feeling separate and stops us from really experiencing the amazing miracle of being alive in a body on this Earth.

[I need to pause at this point because I have been astounded at the mention of a “death star” which just came through so off-handedly as I was receiving this transmission. I have struggled with whether or not to leave that part in, because … I’m sceptical of everything, which may sound funny coming from someone who talks to Arcturians on a regular basis! However, the truth is that we Humans know so little about our story – our development to the point we’re at now. Where did we come from? There is a lot of information out there about galactic conflicts – the Orion wars, the Lyrans, Pleiadians, and other beings. There are many archaeological discoveries on Earth that have been suppressed by those who do not want Humanity to awaken into our true potential. It is time for us to explore these pathways. I would love for my soul memory to awaken, for truly I would rather have the feeling of remembering information, instead of being told information, but I also feel that the information that intrepid and courageous investigators have shared – for example, about forbidden archaeology – could awaken memories within us. I am willing to embark on that personal journey, and it would be a worthy enterprise for all of us to do our own investigations into the true story of Humanity. I feel we are on a journey of remembering who we are, and that journey will take us into some places that may be shocking. I intend to be open to allow myself to remember, for I know the information is already within me – within my soul memory and within the human genome of my DNA.]

Tell me more about yourselves and this death star you mention.

Overseers of destiny – we bring light frequencies to humanity to provide probable choice points for enlightenment and expansion. We are a group of beings from the Antares star system working in tangent with the Arcturian Galactic Council, whom you know very well. You are a part of our destiny and we have had many collaborations in other circles of experience in the multidimensional universes.

We come forth as a group consciousness with messages for Humanity.

Thank you. Can you say more about the death star you spoke of? I am leery of this message/information because of the fear factor and also the science fiction aspect.

Some information is related to science but not fiction. Humans have been seeded with certain information through story telling. An age-old form of communication. Most Humans have no memory of their true historic development and we would shed light upon Human destiny in order to help Humans remember who they are. It is as if a door has been shut and locked and we have been planting seeds to help lubricate the tumblers in the lock, to loosen and move them so that they may align and release, allowing the door to slowly open. Slowly so as not to cause psychosis within the Human mind.

OK so what about this death star?

It came into being in your solar system at the time of the fall of Atlantis. After that period, Earth was plunged into a sudden ice age where time stood still and many life forms left the physical realm. Some people survived and kept the story of love alive. Those brave and valiant people walked the Earth and told their stories which were passed down through generations. The ones who walked the Earth lived for hundreds, thousands of years and some went into stasis within certain mountains.

We call it the death star because it pulsates fear and has created a parasitic entity that is massive, reaching its tentacles into the hearts of humans. These humans unwittingly are being manipulated into fear, anger and hatred and this is being amplified at this time of your world. Those who feel the pain of this are retreating into their inner stillness to harmonize with love. They are realizing that is all they can do, and it is a powerful thing to do, for that love is a harmonic frequency that will assist Humanity in neutralizing the frequency of fear and dissolving the parasitic entity from the death star. This death star is lodged in the solar system of which earth is a part.

I have had an image for many, many years now of a great big black blob with innumerable tentacles that is in Earth’s energy field and the tentacles reach down into the hearts, minds and guts of humans. Humanity is actually feeding this entity with fear and because there is such a huge population on Earth, and especially at this time of chaos and heartbreak, this blob is being fed so much – overeating, as it were. However, many of us have done deep work on ourselves to be able to release our fears and love ourselves, effectively removing the tentacles of this entity from our fields.

Those who are radiating their fear, anger and hatred towards others have forgotten their power, the power of their physical bodies to heal and maintain homeostasis. They do not realize how much they are hurting themselves and Humanity. As others retreat into stillness, they will be helping to heal the human wound with the beautiful silent nectar of love. In this silence a harmonic frequency will begin to sing and radiate outward to touch the hearts of many. So we suggest for those who hear, to take care of yourselves, retreat into love, surround yourselves with beautiful colours of light that harmonize with your soul’s longing for peace and beauty. This is how you begin to create your new world. You are loved and cared for deeply.

Thank you. I would like to add that there is an energy of the Divine Feminine aligned with the Divine Masculine that is arising into the Earth experience. I feel it has been awakening within us for many years and has reached critical mass and is still growing through Human Beings who are aligning with love. I feel also that this energy is a galactic – probably Universal frequency. It is being received through Humans. It has been called forth from Source by Humanity and we are embodying this frequency more and more. This energy is present within all the unrest we are seeing at this time. As we tune into the news and witness or directly experience and participate in the peaceful protesting, we can assist by radiating pure love into what is occurring. Sending this love to all who are part of the experience – to the protesters and to the Police and military all over the world. Most will receive it, but not all. The wounding is deep. We are all being brought to our knees. The love is strong, we must remember this and in our own lives BE love as best we can. The love begins with us loving ourselves and, as I have said before, we are loving ourselves awake.

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