The Proof That George Soros And His Open Society Foundations Have Been Funnelling Money To The George Floyd Rioters

uncovering truth eraoflightdotcomIt didn’t take long to reveal the financial ties to current riots and to show that Open Society Foundations and George Soros directly support the Black Lives Matter movement today. From the first day the race riots started in the wake of the protests surrounding the death by police of George Floyd, I made you two promises.

I promised you that George Soros was helping to finance the looting, burning destruction of property and killings in cities across America, and secondly, I promised you that proof would shortly be forthcoming.

You didn’t have to wait long, here it is.

George Soros and Open Society Foundations, his social justice NGO that he has given billions in funding to, is now helping to fund the riots all across the country.

Why won’t you read about that in the New York Times? Because George Soros bought a controlling interest in the NYT, and they only publish articles favorable to the New World Order villian.

As reported earlier this month, Particularly infuriating are the taxpayer-funded grants received in conjunction with the Soros funding.

Daniel Bice of the Milwaukie Journal-Sentinel reports that a group called Freedom, Inc. has received grants from the Wisconsin Department of Justice:

“Stop murdering black people, and your glass will be safe,” Monica Adams, co-executive director for Freedom Inc., said while leading the third day of police protests in the state’s capital on Monday.

“Thank all the youth freedom fighters who were in the streets fighting (Sunday) night and Saturday night,” said Mahnker Dahnweih, community power-building coordinator for Freedom Inc. “Every action is a contribution to liberation.”

So where does a group like this get the money it needs to promote its agenda?

A lot of it comes from you.

Records show that the state has awarded contracts and grants worth $3.6 million to Freedom Inc., which advocates for minority and LGBTQ communities, over the past five years.

That includes $876,674 in federal grants awarded by the state Department of Justice since January 2019, when Attorney General Josh Kaul took office. The state Department of Children and Families has paid out $732,403 to Freedom Inc. under Gov. Tony Evers over the past 1½ years.

Bice expresses righteous outrage over a radical group using taxpayer funding to advocate for the abolition of police forces altogether, and using that money to organize riots and looting:

State Sen. Steve Nass, a Whitewater Republican, said he was concerned that state tax dollars may be going to help Freedom Inc.’s “radical” political agenda. He called on the governor and attorney general, both Democrats, to investigate.

“The taxpayers of Wisconsin should not be funding any group that supports rioting, looting and actions to terrorize citizens with street violence,” Nass said.

“Governor Evers and Attorney General Kaul have the duty to determine that the grant funds they issued to this extremist group are not being used in any way to subsidize the street violence of the last several days.”

It wasn’t just Nass, however, who was upset with Freedom Inc.’s words and actions.

“M. Adams, who wears an ‘I hate pigs’ tee-shirt, is calling for total elimination of our police force,” Sylvester wrote on Facebook. “She also said your windows will be safe when we get our way. I am a fighter for all workers, that includes police officers.”

A dive into Freedom, Inc.’s finances also reveals a direct link to OSF. One organization that has provided grants to Freedom, Inc. is Borealis Philanthropy.

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