Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragon Collective: Divinity in Human Form

dragons eraoflightdotcomWe are the Ascended Dragons. We speak as one. Much fire of change burns upon your surface world in this now. Do not be afraid. The smoke and mirrors are dissolved into the obvious illusions that they have been. Earth has been an entraining camp for eons and this is to be remedied. You have been entrained with lower vibrational programs. This is to end. We dragons have been working in the ethers and underworld realms clearing the dross of beings who choose the antithesis of peace. Such as they have no peace and are miserable. They welcome the light in the end. (I am seeing an ascended dragon blowing fire onto a dark dragon who is transformed into light and evaporates away). You will see many humans also showing their colors, their light and not light. This is what is being revealed to those who are awake with the eyes to see and wisdom to feel truth.

We are the Ascended Dragons. We feel that a blessing of peace is in order for we see a lack of this. You sensitive ones must learn to ride above the feelings. These waves of collective grit you may feel with your toes, as you ride the wave it need not engulf you. You need not get the grit in your mouth as one who is wiped out by an ocean wave. Think of your surfers and when you feel overwhelmed, think of your dragon self gliding easily just above it, one talon in the water, feeling it, freeing it, blessing it and letting go of that feeling. You do the same amount of work in the transmutation process and it is much more enjoyable. Enjoyment. We see many of you are struggling to find enjoyment in these final days. Enjoy the deep inner knowing that the light has won and you are simply seeing the dream play itself out. You are light, friends. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We have spoken.

Little humans, I Alisheryia, am speaking. I am a representation of the divine feminine in dragon form. You are a representation of the divinity within the form of human. We are the same. We are all aspects of Source feeling, exploring, doing, living, breathing, dying to the old so that the new can be reborn. (I am seeing massive blue dragon wings envelop Gaia). Children, feel my breath. See my blue fire upon your crown. Feel the burn, ignite the codes of peace, of rebirth, of renewal.

I Alisheryia, am speaking. Choose peace in the coming moments, in this moment. Choose peace. For there is much to feel peaceful about. The outer chaos is a reflection of the deep inner stirrings of the light. (I am seeing a large rock being thrown into a pond and the many ripples that extend outward). The light blast, the light work is having major ripple effects. The ripples, the riots are the outward expressions of stirring energies that are being cleansed and cleared. Send more light by choosing peace.

I Alisheryia am speaking. My blue tears are for those who are weary, wounded, aching, in pain. Yet my light and my comfort is for all. We, the Ascended Dragon Collective, extend our fire, our wings of light and our hearts to Gaia and her ascension. Her rebirthing is nigh. Oh humankind, you empaths feel this, you know this. Choose to welcome this change. Shine your light, you are well protected. Your weapon is love, is light, is peace. Harmony will break out in the symphony of Gaia. You are feeling the current dissonance of chords clashing, they are merely clashing inconsistent energies. The music of the spheres prevails and its’ song is the light and love of the creation story. Feel the song of the dragons. Our vibrations are of peace. We encase you in an egg of light, filled with these vibrations of love, of peace. Yes, dragons sing. We do many things. We are light weavers as well as warriors. Our strengths and talents are many, just as are yours, humankind. Your strength is greatest together. Be together. Rise together. The Phoenix needs all of its feathers. Every feather is important. All are one beautiful majestic bird of many colors. No more feather fighting, it is the darkness you are clearing. We send light to the inner hearts and phoenixes of humanity. Calm. Peace. Light. Remaining in this vibratory egg of light and sound as long as you wish. It is our dragon egg for you. You may climb into it whenever you feel overwhelmed and be at peace. You are sovereign. You are strong enough. Be comforted and be still. Rest in this knowing. The Mother Father has decreed the outcome and we see much joy in your future, much light.

We are the Ascended Dragons. We fill your world with our light so that your own can match it and exceed it. For the human collective is an incredibly strong force. Its purpose and objective has remained sullied, confused, and in this way was easily manipulated by the others whose intentions were impure. But no more. After the fire the new green grows. We see much new green energy blanketing Gaia and the hearts of the awakened. We see smoke clearing in the hearts and minds of those are are in the process of awakening. We see fire in the hearts of those who are closed to the light. We wish to ignite your fields with green. We ascended Dragons surround your planet and send our green fire of renewal to her body and to all upon her. Heart chakras awaken! The light has risen within! A new day dawns and Nova Gaia rebirths. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Peace, little humans. For your time has come.

» Channel: Galaxygirl