Emergence & Reconnecting: Covid-19: A Firsthand Experience

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomHi Everyone.

I’ve been silent for quite some time. You may or may not know, I am recovering from the Corona Virus. Last time I wrote, I thought I was well – Ha ha ha!!

2020. Wow. There is A LOT going on. I have enough energy and clarity to begin sharing again and so I am starting with where I am today and you can anticipate more frequent updates from me from now on.

I have evolved (changed) A LOT, over the past year. My own inner spiritual development, the channeling and co-creation with you, my life experiences and most recently my covid experience/ illness, the pandemic as a whole, and the emerging Black Lives Matter movement are all waking me up to new opportunities to live in harmony, be love in action and participate in creating a more peaceful, just, fair and beautiful life-world.

It isn’t always easy, especially when I was sick, having trouble breathing and frankly, terrified, but I keep returning to the knowing that LIFE is intelligent, loving and always providing me with amazing opportunities to grow, evolve, open more and expand and evolve in consciousness.

I get to choose to see my experience from the knowing, and let that inform how I live. If you don’t yet know this, you can experiment with it. See what happens if you consider that might be true and reflect, contemplate and then act accordingly. It’s liberating.

So today I’m letting you know how I am and a bit about what Covid is like in real life. That feels important and it’s a way for us to catch up and begin again, our conscious co-creation.

Today is day 86 since I began experiencing symptoms. This is not uncommon despite what is in the news. I have what might be termed a mild/moderate version of the virus.

So some people who have a literal mild version might actually recover in the two weeks or so quoted. And a minority are extreme cases involving hospitalization and/or possibly death. A huge amount of us are having a prolonged recovery.

I am part of a patient centered study group and have learned to think of my experience of this illness as having 3 phases – an acute onset, a middle phase – which often includes ups and downs and relapses, and a regaining strength phase. I suspect I am nearing the end of phase 2.

The symptoms are far more varied then discussed. The CDC is gradually adding to their list of symptoms. In our study group, there are all kinds of symptoms showing up consistently that are not yet discussed and people’s experiences vary.

I had two substantial relapses – the last one was about three weeks ago. I was dizzy, my oxygen was low and I was disoriented. At that time I stopped doing EVERYTHING except resting. I walk Lily – my dog – up and down the street. I cannot even walk around the block. Yet. But I am no longer getting shortness of breath – huge. My digestive symptoms are abating. I have a little bit of a headache now and then. But I can sleep well, am not having trouble breathing, and as far as I know do not have other complications. I still do not have the energy to talk for a long time – about an hour a day or so, and I’m done. I also have a skin rash – which I have had since the beginning of May – which persists.

That I am here is THRILLING to me.

I’m starting to write again and wanted to begin here, and share where I am.

We’re in an incredible moment in time. In the past people looked forward to 2012 with great anticipation of changes and an ascending experience.

Now this moment is offering us powerful opportunities to be open to seeing, understanding and discovering expanded potentials for harmony. For love. For peace.

If there was any motto that I think serves us, it might be this: TOGETHER WE RISE.
My focus is upon that and I look forward to sharing more here, now that I am increasingly well… about that way of being. And the practices and perspectives that support our increasing capacity to know and live in wholeness.

Thank you for being part of this community. I look forward to what we are becoming, together.


P.S. Although restrictions are lifting in many ways, the virus and our immunity to it HAS NOT CHANGED. I would not wish this experience on anyone – it’s scary, potentially life-threatening and still not well understood. It has been PROVEN that wearing a mask whenever you leave the house, helps.

The illness appears at this point, to be spread primarily through close physical contact and by what we do with our “wind” – voice/speaking/singing/coughing/sneezing/talking and breathing. I will be wearing a mask when I go out – eve though I likely have some immunity – until we know how to cure this. I am not afraid – this is not about fear – this is about understanding how viruses spread, and loving my health and doing what I can to be and stay health.

I highly suggest you do the same – along with social distancing – with everyone except your immediate household or chosen bubble – and hand washing often. <3 Please, take good care. Life is beautiful! We want to be well and enjoy it.
COVID Support Group

If you, or a friend, has tested positive, is experiencing symptoms, or is recovering from COVID-19, you can sign up for a wonderful support group here. I am part of this group and it has given me assistance and support I couldn’t have received anywhere else. I found it when I read a NY Times piece by the founder, Fiona Lowenstein (who is very young and was hospitalized with Covid!) You apply to join and here’s why/what to expect:

We just need to know a little bit about what you’re going through to verify that you’re a real person in need of support, but all information you share on that form is private and will only be accessible to admins of the group. Due to extremely high demand, it may take us up to a week to add you to the platform but we promise you will hear from us.

This is a GREAT group – again, only for people who are experiencing symptoms or have tested positive, or are recovering.

P.P.S. Alignment and love and light do not prevent us from getting sick, nor do they eliminate death. Spiritual practices help us change our awareness which allows us to, in situations like this, be more at peace, more centered and should hard things arise – which is happening a lot in 2020 – be MORE RESILIENT and able to handle things. “Bad things,” still happen to “good people.” <3

Please, take good care! And be smart.

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