New Moon Solar Eclipse; A Cosmic Skip

earth shining eraoflightdotcomAs I sit down to write the mid-year report what I am feeling is an incredible amount of activity coming up through the soles of my feet and reverberating deeply at the root of my spine, those words I uttered in June’s report are now beginning to ring incredibly true, “things just wont be the same” were the same words I was repeating during the Capricorn Council of January, and look what happened next.

We now find ourselves at the opposite side of the zodiac, looking across at what was whilst also receiving a refresh as Jupiter is now about to make contact with Pluto for its second connection this year before heading back home for a few months into Sidereal Sagittarius.

Once back in Sagittarius both Pluto and Jupiter head back into the Galactic Centre before the 3rd and final conjunction once the retrogrades have ceased, and it is on this 3rd connection that Jupiter will be ready to align once again with Saturn and when we read the Western astrology map we have the collective moving into Aquarius with one huge dramatic push.
I wont be going into the details now but the guidance is to stay super aware of what we have already moved through and what we are now preparing for. All is a pattern and it is repeating…

So whilst June will feel super significant in terms of how this all reshapes in your reality please hold the focus, what is coming in is merely a small stepping stone in comparison and we are to hold the field entirely stable, not too much excitement, minimum reaction with an over tone of fully knowing and therefore holding the perfect reflection of acceptance.

In the June report I used the analogy of a cosmic hop, skip and a jump and so if the last lunar eclipse was the hop, this solar eclipse is now the skip.

The power, the velocity, the precision that is now required will without doubt show in places and spaces throughout the physical (in all meaning of the word) highlighting any “weak” spots, any areas of unconscious thought or behaviour will begin to rattle as we now skip light speed into our future.
Have you been listening and paying attention to the field? Have you been raising the physical vibration so that all three fields, the mental, physical and energetic are singing in harmony, geared and ready to literally leap into this unknown quantum existence that’s ahead?

The heaviness of any avoidance will soon show, it would be like a rocket taking off with its panels attached with sticky tape and for those who perhaps thought “things” could be put off or perhaps holding a “that’ll do” attitude will now be learning just how precise in the CARE department we really need to be to continue this launch with ease.

Its OK, if this feels like you, if those panels are rattling under the strain, simply look within and make the adjustments immediately, the truth will be that you were already aware of what was required but have simply underestimated the importance, which is all relating to your programming held around Value and once readjusted can only ever bring a physical body vibrational rise and more alignment.

Peace is the optimum tone for healing and if you haven’t found it yet then the reality will continue to shake rattle and roll until you do, because healing is the current collective focus until we have cleared away that which chooses to stay attached or supports the discord that continues the separation and wounding realities we are collectively manifesting/experiencing today.

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With Love Always

Andrea xxx