Sananda: Realizations

sananda image eraoflightdotcomAll you Beloved friends, brothers and sisters on the face of the earth. Remember that you (and we) are all one and that is why we are all equally loved by God / Creator. Many of you are now also beginning to realize the breadth of it – the scope of the astonishing realization that we are all equally close to the Creator – thus we are all creators in every moment of our existence.

Every action and thought thus affects both you and our immediate surroundings at every moment of the present. (Here I, Kjerstin, comes from me because a large ant is suddenly sitting on the paper right where I write. Sananda says, “The ant has a message for you.” I, Kjerstin thinks: unity, cohesion, cooperation.)

Light Warriors and Light Carriers – understand that it is you who hold the energies when so many fellow human beings are now clearing away old ones that are emerging with the powerfully transforming Light’s impact on all living things.

Keep yourself grounded through creation that can consist of everything from sending healing, meditation with positive affirmations to creation in the physical with cooking, baking, painting, writing or whatever engages and brings you joy and roses on your cheeks. All this, as you do in joy gives you life forces that spread further as a ripple. And I often add: “Be like a child; in the moment ”. Play, explore Mother Earth’s nature and beauty, enjoy the beauty, of the creation full of little wonders. Be curious and discover the beauty of the small insects and the larger animals. You have both mobiles with cameras, binoculars, magnifiers and magnifying glasses to help you. If you then have the advantage of meeting children and discovering the world with them, you can be happy and in the moment every second.

I see you are tired now Light Warriors and Light Workers, but you never give up, right? It is for this very reason that you have chosen this work that is now happening across the earth.

You constantly purify and transform energies because you constantly work at different levels with the purification, healing and healing of your fellow human beings, who are all earthlings – no one mentioned and no one forgotten.

You happen to be misunderstood, sometimes even hated or threatened. Remember then beloved Friends that it is your Light, your rainbow-colored strong light that scares others or drives their sluggish energies to the surface and this can then hit you back. Beloved, try to look through the surface, the aggression or the fear that is directed towards you and see the little child – the inner child – in your fellow human being. This little child may never have received love and needs help from your light to heal.

Don’t be afraid of the fears of others themselves – you now have all the ability to stay in your rainbow light, in contact with your Higher Self – regardless of the events around you. If it gets difficult, then get away – maybe in the toilet? – to return to balance alone.
Remember your task and remember how loved you all are. The time you have been waiting for is here NOW You loved. Take care of you in the NUET first – then help others, which you already do unconsciously constantly – so it is enough to just be on earth and enjoy the moment, catch the day.
“Carpe diem” my friends.


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» Source » Channel: Kirsten Sisilla