Buddha: Listen to your Soul

buddha eraoflightdotcomGreetings,

I am Buddha, oh my goodness, I was waiting here forever to be channeled, I was busy, then my channel was busy and now I am finally here.

Oh wow, a lot of things happened since the last time I spoke to all of you. You went through a whole life situation, your life changed so much and your freedoms changed too, you became homebodies. Now, you are going back to your jobs and to your old lives you had before, but everything is different, nothing feels the same and it’s true. Look around yourselves, then you will notice that something is very different, and you will ask yourself what is so different right now, the energies, light, and nature, they are all not the same as before. You feel like your watching an old movie from the past, the 3D movie, which you are going to leave behind. Your in the process of moving to a new future, what you have been waiting for a long time and you lost your ways to it, because you were waiting too long for it.

In the meantime, a lot of you started to question yourselves, what I am doing here, what is my purpose, why I came here and you don’t remember, why you came here. Your memories were erased and you went through so many lifetimes, that if you wanted to count how many lives you had, you would have a hard time keeping track, because you had so many incarnations here on Earth.

I am Buddha and I am happy, the reason I am happy, because I came here to deliver my messages and guide you through the new process your going through now, the Ascension Process. You heard from other channelers about it, it’s nothing new for you, but you still need our guidance from Ascended Masters and I am not the only one, who is an Ascended Master, there are many of us. You call me Buddha, because I was teaching many years ago, I went through a journey of self discovery and I enjoyed teaching. I had many followers and I now have new followers, the only difference is that my teachings became a religion, what you call now Buddhism. I am a teacher and a master, I would like to give you advice to follow and connect to your heart, and you will be guided to finding out, who you are and why your here, and what is your mission or purpose here.

You know, all of these events that are going on here, your demonstrations and riots, which I can’t approve of, because they are destroying other people’s properties and their livelihood. Like I would say there are always two sides of the story, some people are peaceful, they go and stand up for their truth, while other ones, they just go and try to destroy and take other people’s things and properties. You know by now, it’s not the way to go about doing things, but it seems the Negative Side is trying to use that part of population to create a situation that could lead to more negative events, so please be aware of that and just follow what make sense to you and stand up for the truth.

As a Buddha, I learned from my life living here on Earth that there is only one truth, there are not two truths or other truths, there is only one truth and what does that mean. If you follow your heart or you connect to your soul, you will immediately know, what is the right thing to do and how to act on that. The Dark Side that is still around, a lot of them have been removed, the ones that are still here, they are feeding on negativity, so please stay in higher energies and meditate, what I always have been repeating in all of my messages. Please meditate, it’s very important, it will help you to reconnect with your soul and you will know what you should do at any given moment, because this world is changing, if you like it or not, it’s going to change regardless.

The planet already left this reality, it’s only her 3D version here, the trees also left, their souls are no longer here, only the 3D version of trees are here and some animals are leaving too, and you yourselves are getting ready to ascend to 5th dimension, in order to do that you need to be constantly in touch with your spirit, with your soul or otherwise your energies will be low and the Negative Ones can use your low energy to feed themselves, you don’t want that. Your goal is to move forward and help each other on your path to your new life.

The Dark Ones are losing the battle and now they are playing different tricks on you, the virus and now the riots to make you feel fearful. Fear is fear, it’s only an emotion, if you stay with fear, you will become paralyzed and then you can’t advance forward. This is what they want, they want you to be stuck here and continue to be here and never leave this 3D reality. You are beings who came from other civilizations and other galaxies in a response to a call for help from Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, Mother Christa and etc., she has so many names. What is important that you and the rest of humanity need to help each other in advancing into the new world you are creating now and never look back to the past. The past doesn’t count anymore, the only thing that matters now is what’s happening right now in this moment, which is you are progressing as a civilization to become a Galactic Civilization.

When you move to fifth dimension your bodies are going to reflect 5D, it’s going to be an improved version of you. The new body is not going to be sick anymore and it will not carry anymore any of the imperfections, what you had or have in your bodies now in third dimension. It’s going to be an absolute change, complete change of who you are and how your going to look. The only thing that is going to be the same is your soul, who never changes, only gets more wiser with time by going through different experiences, by living different lives and by exploring different galaxies, planets and universes. A lot of you are old souls who have been here on Mother Earth for a very long time.

One thing that never changes is that your always are one with the Universe, you are a Universal Mind and Eternal Love, that will never change, it will always stay the same. I understand, that my followers will say, wow this Buddha doesn’t sound like our Buddha, yes, I am the same Buddha, but I only speak now in a modern language, about modern times. When I lived, walked and sat under the bodhi tree, it was in Ancient India and the times were very different then, and they needed different actions and teachings than now. Now, it’s the time when this civilization is ascending to a New Golden Age, so I won’t be talking about what happened, when I was alive here on this Earth many thousands years ago.

I came here to teach and guide anyone, who wants to listen and follow me to new a existence. I am aware that many people who studied my teachings, like the Buddhists are not going to approve my message and for me at this moment it doesn’t matter. The reason it doesn’t matter, because I know who I am, I am Buddha, who came here on assignment to help humanity to move towards the light and explain to them, what they are going through now, and that they should not worry about it or be afraid, because the future is going to be bright, beautiful and wonderful and that the sacrifice they are going through now is worth it. I know it sounds easy for me to say, I am on the other side and I see the future, and I know how all this process is going to end. You are at this moment are confused, scared and only see chaos around you, because of the government and media, who are only feeding you fear by communicating to you only negative information and news, and that everything is falling apart by their word.

Just think about it for minute, they closed everything down for 3 months, you couldn’t work, you needed to stay at home and on top of all that, now they implied new rules on you, 6 feet distance, wear the mask, you can’t hug anybody, and you can’t say hello by shaking the hand, is this the way humanity suppose to live their lives by not being able to have physical contact. Nature has contact with each other, animals interact with each other and people are not allowed. Your government leaders and your news media are not allowing you to express the most basic and natural human emotion, love one of Universe’s precious gifts with their new rules. This is why you always need to question everything that is imposed on you, not to follow with your eyes closed, please open your eyes and observe the reality your in and you will notice that this reality feels like it’s real, but it’s not real, its just an illusion of 3D.

I am Buddha and I am joyful to be here and to help you, please follow your heart and listen to your soul by using your own discernment and question everything you see and hear in this world, this way you will make the right choices regarding to your future. I experienced in my life different version of changes as a Buddha, what I went through. I had my shock, when for the first time I saw a poor person and dead body on the street, that happened for reason, because I needed to learn from that experience, it woke me up and made me go on journey to explore the meaning of life, and find out who I am and it help me to find my place and my purpose in the Ancient India.

I would suggest for you to live in peace and in harmony, find that inner peace and silence inside you right now, don’t wait until you get to 5th dimension, meditate daily, by meditating your going to bring yourself closer to 5th dimension, and it will help you to understand what living under divine grace means. I came here as Buddha to assist humanity reach their state of enlightenment. The state I call and you call the Nirvana State, most Buddhists don’t believe, it’s possible to reach the Nirvana State in their lifetime, I disagree, you can and you will when you move to 5D.

I am Buddha and I was very happy to be here today. I sent to you all of my blessings and my love, I am here to help and guide you.

Thank you.

» Channel: Erena Velazquez