Light Codes Are Streaming Onto the Earth

dna activation 2 eraoflightdotcomToday, the 20th June, is the Solstice and it leads us into the New Moon/Solar Eclipse tomorrow on the 21st June.

The energy right now is so powerful..light codes are streaming onto the Earth through the Solstice/ Eclipse Portal.

The Solstice is always a time of “balance and return” where Sacred energies urge us to let go of what we no longer need and find the lightness and balance that we desire in our Heart.

In June 2020 we are especially aware that we need to “dive deep” and also encounter the darkness and the heaviness that is so prominent in the collective energy, and release and balance so that we can come into balance with our Galactic and Cosmic heritage and consciousness.

The Eclipse tomorrow focusses on the Divine Feminine energy, with the New Moon in Cancer flowing with Lunar Codes of Renewal, and the Solar Eclipse grounding Fiery new Codes. The Divine Feminine is stepping into her Solar Power and her Golden Light. She is expanding to be the energy of Renewal for the New Earth.

This is a Sacred moment, when we need to be aware of our own Divine Feminine power of Creativity and Manifestation and how we can hold our vision of the New Earth and bring it into Reality.

The more we focus on higher consciousness and the New Earth, the more we can lift our consciousness to that level and live in that Reality.

It does not matter if there is chaos in the ‘other timeline’, we need to focus on the incoming timeline of “Galactic Culture” where we can connect with the incoming Golden Age of Peace. Remember that the two timelines exist in the same space at the moment, as we get to choose the one on which we will evolve further.

This is what we came to do and experience as Galactic and Angelic families on Earth.

I wish you Peace and Inner Joy on this Sacred week end.

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