Children and Teens of Nova Gaia: We Are

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomWe are the Children of Nova Gaia. You are making this now. You are our parents and grandparents. You helped create our cities and treehouse forests. We play a lot! We don’t know what fear is. It isn’t here. We don’t know what death is. It isn’t here either. We climb the tallest trees. If we fall we are unharmed, we heal quickly.

We can breathe under water. We don’t drown. We glow with light from within. We have many friends. There are many children. Many babies are coming here. We have large families.

We learn the lessons of the past so that we can create a bright future. Our parents and teachers show us moments of the past so that they will not be repeated. Humans have learned and expanded so much. We are about 100 years from your now, but all is now, so that is hard to say. We have many animal friends too! We speak with the animals they are our friends. (I am seeing children of all sizes in fields and forests playing with animals. Tea parties with monkeys, one boy is riding a tiger, another girl is petting a unicorn.

All are sublimely happy, and the animals energies are strong, loving, enjoying the interaction. I am seeing children climbing massive trees and swinging from flower vines, or resting in the branches. I am seeing children playing and swimming in deep lakes diving down to see the shiny rocks at the bottom. The light is in the deepest regions of the lakes as well. Light is everywhere).

We are the Children of Nova Gaia. Much joy is here. You are creating this space and place for us! Many of us who didn’t make it in your Earth are here now. We have another chance. Many of you who wanted children and could not have them can have families here. We are the Children of Nova Gaia. We send you love and kisses. Goodbye!

» Channel: Galaxygirl