New Energy Update: June 2020

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomI welcome you with love to this energy update as an offering of greater support throughout all the turbulence and uncertainty that can be felt so palpably at this time. Before diving in, I just want to take this moment to acknowledge your efforts and any frustrations in what perhaps has already been a tumultuous personal journey of healing, purging, and processing. So many of us have been in the depths of emotional despair for what feels like the greater percentage of our lives, maybe even lifetimes. And just when we feel like all the pieces are coming together, the journey that has primed us for our highest purpose on this planet unfolds to seemingly pull us back into the despair, unknown, and overwhelm we’ve spent so much time facing, accepting, and integrating– all while supporting ourselves, nurturing careers, raising children, and taking care of friends and family members to the best of our ability.

Even if you feel as if you’ve never found your footing and/or it just seems like the same old patterning cranked up to a more insufferable capacity, I want you to know my heart is with you.

Whether feeling fearful, remarkably faithful, or even as if all hope has been lost, there is a profound reason we are each here at this time to participate in a shift in evolution this planet has never known before. So as we begin this energy update, I dedicate it to you, the courageous one.

You are one who has stayed the course, navigated each challenge, survived every moment from your past, and against each and every odd, still remains open to connecting to Source, shining your light, and serving a mission of the highest order.

We don’t have to worry about doing it right, or working hard to keep things straight, when the mission at hand is holding space for a world in exactly the ways you have learned to hold space for you. While individuals can always doubt whether they ‘have what it takes’ to make it through such uncertain times, the oneness of community always survives the brunt of every blow to come out the other end reflective of the change it was destined to discover. This means, no matter how hard things seem to be, we are always stronger together. Together as One.

Even while doing what you can to improve your own personal circumstances, or growing tired of serving a Universe that doesn’t seem to support you the way you desire being served, I honor your willingness to remain open in whatever way is natural and resonant for you, especially during a time when it’s nearly instinctive to shut down, check out, and hide until it’s safe.

As empathic beings, we often learn how to ‘shape shift’ to match or accommodate the energies of our environment.

This early ingrained defense mechanism often plays out as we try to be more like others, hoping it will help us be more liked by others or less of a target for their pain to hurt. This people-pleasing pattern of co-dependent enmeshment causes us to constantly shift versions of ourselves, trying to hold a space of peace with others, often waiting for their validation and approval to confirm our self-worth. And while being “all things to all people” is never a game anyone can win, its purpose is to help us see how far away from our true center we have strayed to know ourselves, uncover our highest aspirations, envision our most inspired dreams, cultivate our greatest capabilities, and embrace the most noble choices that may not be for anyone but you to choose. At this time, empaths are experiencing the “death of the people-pleaser” as the pain humanity is purging makes it impossible for you to pinpoint which version to be, other than the magnificent authentic ‘you’– only you can be.

As empaths undergo this dying off of people-pleasing and codependent enmeshment, it gives rise to rebirthing the courage and strength of your individuality that when integrated into your awakening consciousness, allows you to think openly, choose wisely, and speak freely from the depths of your heart’s desire.

As anger seems to be a central theme currently being healed, we release the tendency to hide from the anger within ourselves or others by daring to step fully into our power as the only space where empaths will ever know true safety. From this space, a more empowered you can hold space for the world to help transmute the anger, sadness, and fear that is so palpably felt without being overwhelmed by exhaustion. Such patterns currently represent humanity’s shift from denying pain to facing the pain of division within a collective culture where our world as a whole has not been trained to know how to deal with intense emotions without lashing out, shutting down, numbing through addictions, or rejecting them as someone else’s problem to fix. These are no one else’s problems to fix, but our issues to face, since they occur in our community of One.

This is why we are currently holding space for humanity’s shift from the denial of pain to the facing of pain, as initial steps in healing the wounds of separation.

This is also why it is essential to come out of hiding, no matter the memories of persecution you may carry. The stress levels of the collective are sky high, not only to let you know how much transmutation is under way, but to invite you to see how much the brilliance of light is transmuting and transforming.

While stress can represent a variety of meanings in our lives, whether letting us know when things get imbalanced, or even a way for intuition to steer us in different directions, it is important to explore the role stress plays from an alchemical co-creative standpoint. Stress is the heat of transmutation in progress. The depth to which you feel stress can indicate how much is being transmuted. Transmutation is a facet of alchemy in action. It serves as a clearing mechanism for the reconstruction of reality into a higher more evolved state of being. In our current times, your physical reality is often showing you the external social and emotional themes throughout the collective that your vibration is helping to heal. This means the very stress you feel is not solely based on the circumstances in view, but how your nervous system is interpreting and adapting to the transmutation under way.

As energetically-sensitive souls, we often feel the most subtle energies in such an amplified way. This is because we have hyper-aware nervous systems that are more acutely aware of the movement of change. Because we are still acclimating to the recognition and acceptance of these sensitivities as real life experiences, it’s natural to be exhausted by the waves of adversity humanity is facing, as we learn to anchor our light with humble confidence, instead of interpreted through our conditioned filters of self-doubt and shame.

If ever feeling overwhelmed by the collective purge, or unsure whether you are feeling unfinished business within yourself, or simply mirroring the emotional layers humanity is processing, stop wherever you are and say these energetically-encoded words:

“I recognize the light in these feelings and allow these feelings to return to the light now.”

As your nervous system adapts to the transmutation process, slowly but surely, you settle into your original identity as embodied light where your wholeness, perfection, and immaculate grace remembers incarnating into a body to hold space and anchor consciousness during the most pivotal shift in human history.

Equally so, the intensity permeating many corners of the planet and within ourselves always gives equal access to the opposite vibration. During this time, it is normal to feel moments of elation, unexpected bursts of joy including renewed moments of inspired clarity, and expansive moments of oneness. Such experiences can be daunting when not knowing how to balance your subjective experience with the feelings of others around you. If you are finding yourself in this sticking point, the best approach is to share your joy with others by letting them know the joy they bring to your life, just by being who they are. This is where we take our inner gratitude practice and pay it forward as gifts of recognition offered to others. As always, when arising from the authenticity of your soul, a moment of gratefulness can fulfill your heart, whether or not the person you honor receives such gifts or acknowledges your efforts.

This may help you see how we can hold an intentional space as anchors of light, way showers of unity consciousness, and co-creators of a new human paradigm, while facing the many levels of societal change shifting in us all.

We are here to listen, to honor, to acknowledge, to hold space, and to empathize from a tender space of heart-centered consciousness.

Knowing, at the core of our being, it is the power of the Universe doing it all throughout each of us, where all we have to do is dare to remain open. You certainly don’t have to be perfect or try to do it all yourself, but to rest in knowing that stress can be a sign of transmutation in action, and any degree of hope and joy you feel are always doses of vibrational medicine radiating out of your field and into the hearts of those you know and beyond.

On behalf of the Universe, I honor your light, I acknowledge the importance of our journey, and cherish the uniqueness and vibrational contributions that flow through every sentient being for the ascension of all. As one of my guides so often says, “Every heart is the missing piece that completes the puzzle of the Universe.”

Thank you for being here. We are always stronger together. Together as one.

Many blessings beloved ones. We got this!

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

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