The Entanglement and Prep of Intense New Energy and Mental Expansion!!

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomAnd here we are!! Solstice/Eclipse time along with Fathers day in the USA. Happy Fathers day to all the dads as well as all the moms who pull double duty!!

This has been an interesting week coming into this powerful event that is now underway. In the readings, we all were informed how much energy is coming into each person to expand their mental planes and abilities within the physical. We’ve been told that as we pass the last of this triple eclipse series (July 4-5) we all (that have arrived at this level of frequency) will be assigned a very specific A Team to assist thru (at the very least, thru September equinox) your new inner expansion set.

We’ve also been told that we will be waking up much dormant DNA within, which will coincide with the release of new information from the mental planes. Thru meditation and dreams, we will start engaging with these energies/information, but may not understand any of it until it is time to use it.

These last couple weeks I have been having new, weird experiences. Thru out the day, I am getting memory fragments that I can see crystal clear, as if it is a true memory of mine. They (appear) random and yet, I know that they are not memories of this particular lifetime. Too much is different, sometimes people. always the places, or even the experience itself.

At first I didn’t give it much thought, until it started happening sometimes 9-10 times a day. Memory fragments that are not this lifetime fragments.

Finally (i asked) my team explained these are the bits of energy/information/experiences that lead to or created mastery in other realms/planes of existences. All bring forward their own unique puzzle piece that will come together in this life as new powerful mastered abilities post final eclipse.

To experience them, they seem like 15 seconds of weird things that just show up as a fragmented memory, very random too.

What the readings have been revealing that coming into this powerful center of a triple eclipse has been about bringing in so much energy. The last couple days all I could see in the field is our energy bodies entangled and weaving around the solstice magnetic field and the release of the solar eclipse energy… open us up in what spirit says “such a quantum state that even our most experienced quantum physics would not understand what they are seeing/experiencing.

These next two weeks will be the blending of all these fragments. Like putting the ingredients of a cake together and suddenly, with each day, we are new and newer yet. We will become “finished” thru the final eclipse of July 4-5. Hence the new A team of Spiritual Beings. From what I am understanding now, they are not currently incarnated, but have been off and on thru your personal lives here and elsewhere that is bringing you to this moment (individually as well as collectively.)

Obviously, we have also been incarnated in other realms of existences too. For some (not all) there will be a team of ETs assisting as well. This is the main reason my team insisted on the new June package of meeting your new team and/or ETs. With that in mind, please book the first session after July 5th. Also, the homework session must be AFTER your initial session of meeting your new team so we can go over your experiences and help improve your connection.

On that note, the baby is waking up. So I’ll close here for now. Enjoy the magnificence of what is underway!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with radiant energy and mind bending new abilities to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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