Buddha: Your Energy Field

buddha eraoflightdotcomStay in your own energy field beautiful soul.

Stay in it and feel all your glory and find your way home. The way home by loving and quietly observing all that you have created within you through lifetimes and lifetimes on the many paths and paths of the earth.

Observe quietly and let the knotted energies dissolve one by one.

Knots and chunks of heavy energy stuck deep within you, which you pull like a heavy load behind you wherever you go, no matter where you stand, sit and lie.

Take a deep conscious breath and feel the present fill your whole being, and then observe without resistance what you find in your own energy field, in your beautiful interior.

And let it dissolve into the clear consciousness and natural power of silence and the present.

The natural power of the universe, the one that dissolves everything into a flowing conscious light.

Let the thoughts pass you by, the thoughts filled with negativity, with worry, stress, resistance, reluctance and desire.

Let them float past you while you consciously sit in your stillness on the riverbank and just observe and dwell in your own energy field.

Without grabbing anything, without identifying you with anything, just sit there in your beauty and observe.

Quiet, conscious and in the present.

It’s the way home beautiful people.

It is the way home to freedom, to your glory and beauty.

May you all walk on the path to freedom..the path I once walked.

Lord Buddha!

Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Angel Skog