Judas Iskariot: Stop and Breathe

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI’m Judas Iscariot and I would like to suggest everyone to take some time out now. By that I mean you need to stop and breathe a little. Take a few deep breaths from far below the belly all the way up to your upper chest and then slowly let the air out again. You may need to do this every now and then during the day to balance the energies that are raging around you now. It may also be appropriate to focus on something that makes you happy, whether it is people, animals, nature or any hobby that you are passionate about. You need to get in touch with Earth and yourself as it now vibrates from high and low energies everywhere. It is important to stay focused on what is important in life for you right now. What is it I need that allows me to develop into my higher self, follow the path I have chosen, and become the example that I thought I would be in this life for others who are in the same situation as myself .

It is easy to lose the footing today, there is too much that spins around the interior and the exterior. Neither your inner world nor your outer world are alike; they are constantly transformed. A major transformation is currently taking place on Earth and it can be difficult to keep up with its movements back and forth. Two steps forward and one step back you have probably heard at some time, this is something similar but energies have more of a billowing movement like the waves on the water. They come in larger and smaller waves which are occasionally replaced by a giant wave which in turn creates a little stillness and then return in larger and smaller waves again. You now need to gather energy to adapt to a higher vibration of light on Earth. It will require some work from you to realize all your dreams. The dream of the bright world that is now starting to open up in your consciousness. It takes energy to sustain this world in your consciousness, and it takes energy to bring your fellow human beings on the train. At this very moment in history you have chosen to rise with the Earth and it is a bigger commitment with more energies that zigzags back and forth. It requires that you look about your house extra carefully and obey the voice inside.

There may be many who have chosen to step up at this particular time, but there are also many who have chosen to wait a bit, as they feel that they have more to develop before taking the final step. Everything is right, nothing is wrong, and everything is fine just as it is right now. There is a lot of help to be had for those who ask for it. You can gain greater clarity and understanding of where to go and how this life should be able to evolve. You all have a task to fill, whether it is within you or outside of you. It can also happen (and mostly do) in both ways at the same time. Your inner world appears in your outer world. It can happen in parallel or shortly after a new understanding or insight has taken place within you. New ideas and opportunities can then be opened up and you can take another step in the world that has thus been opened to you. It is a transformation that can be both laborious and cumbersome as well as it can be joyful and magical.

It is a great work now being done by the people on Earth and we are so happy and grateful for it. There are so many around you, so you wouldn’t think it was true if you saw all the angels, guides and energy beings that surround you now.

Now make a timeout dear friends and feel the energy spreading within you and then see it spread into your outer world.

You are all so loved and cherished.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg