Our Collective Awakening

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomWe are living in the most remarkable time as the Earth moves through a planetary shift, generating a period of great purification and transformation. This is a cataclysmic time with dramatic events occurring and revealing that every system and structure that upholds our world must evolve and change.

For many it is a time of confusion and chaos as the world rapidly changes bringing to the fore many of the societal and environmental issues and injustices we have lived with for centuries. We can no longer ignore the deep significance of the Earth and her influence in our lives. We can no longer continue to profit and advance ourselves while abusing the natural environment. And we need recognise that every facet of our world must transform to meet the needs of a future society.

It is important that we recognise that this time is in fact a very natural, evolutionary process. It is one that has been prophesied by indigenous cultures for hundreds of years. We can see these prophesies within the Mayan culture in South American, the Hopi people of central America, the Bushman in Africa and the Australian aboriginal people who have spoken of the Earth’s shift and the changes that will occur as a result.

Indigenous cultures across the world know and understand that the whole of creation, which includes the Earth is part of a progressive galactic expansion. This expansion occurs within an evolving structure of cosmic cycles that ebb and flow like the seasons and the tides. Humanities growth, development and evolution is dependent on these cycles and is connected to them through the Earth. These cycles have always shifted, transformed, informed and evolved humanity’s consciousness and have brought forth both incredible beauty and mind-blowing destruction.

What is occurring now isn’t some random experience, neither is it happening as punishment for any wrong that humanity may or may not have done. It is occurring because of a significant and sacred event that occurs every 13000 years. An event that marks the movement of the Earth’s spiritual energy from one location on the planet to another. The Earth’s spiritual energy informs, transforms, guides and directs our human consciousness. With its relocation there is a profound shift, an awakening, which occurs collectively for humanity.

For the last 13,000 years the Earth’s spiritual energy has been located in the region of India and Tibet. This area has been the spiritual centre for humanity for thousands of years, and it is where human consciousness has expanded through the mind and in the areas of enlightenment.

In 1949, just after world war 2 ended, the Earth’s spiritual energy was activated and her long journey to a new location was initiated. This new location is in the region of Chile and Peru in South America. And it is this move to South America, which has prompted an expansion in our human consciousness, urging us to awaken and develop through the heart and the soul. As a result, there has been a profound awakening occurring within the hearts of all humanity creating a dramatic shift in the foundations of our world. It is this shift that is demanding significant change and transformation.

I think it’s important to recognise that there is no reason to judge or criticise how we have lived to this point. Or how our cultures and societies have been formed. This formation was a necessary part of our evolutionary development and through it, we have gained a vast understanding of the human ego and its capacity for destruction. We have needed to explore ourselves through the mind and the ego and thus recognise that without the balance of the feminine, the masculine force of creation is destructive. This has been a very necessary aspect to our growth and development. One that we require moving forward.

But now as we stand at this point in humanity’s evolution we are embarking on a new cycle, a new journey, which brings into balance the two prevailing forces of creation – the feminine and the masculine. Which brings into balance the heart and the mind. As these two energetic forces learn to work together, we are able to bring into balance all that is out of balance. We are able to initiate and co-create a new way of living and being on the Earth that aligns with the universal principles of balance and harmony. We are able to repair the damage that has been done in the previous cycle.

There are incredible benefits to the period we are currently moving through. These benefits include the opportunity for us to redefine who we are, to awaken our authenticity, our uniqueness and to bring into the world the essence of our soul. We have the opportunity to fully embody the wholeness of our soul and to reflect that in the world. We have the opportunity to embark on a great odyssey. A great journey of healing that not only benefits our human self, but also brings deep healing to our soul, our ancestral lines and the future generations.

We have the opportunity to be a part of a new world, a new reality, were discrimination, segregation and separation no longer exist. A world were the need for dominance and control is released. A world that is built on truth, integrity and impeccability. A world that respects all of life. That truly appreciates that the Earth is a beautiful and sacred sanctuary where divinity exists.

But first we need to change our ways. We need to awaken, to heal and to grow. We need to expand our awareness and our consciousness so that we may conceive of a new way living and being. We need to shift from a mind-based consciousness and into a heart-based consciousness where the focus is on the full embodiment of our soul. We need to move through this powerful period of purification, transformation and change, which will assist us in letting go of the needs of our ego and allow our soul to take dominion over our life.

So much is changing as the underlying structures of our world are stripped away revealing the broken bones of an old reality. A vastly different future awaits us and as such it is essential that we remember that we cannot use the past as a frame of reference when creating the future. We must use our intuitive capabilities when planting new seeds, beginning new creations and in manifesting new life goals.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to start your healing journey. To engage with the changes you are being called to make. To open your heart and make space for reflection. To turn inward and rediscover and reexperience your inner landscape, the reality of your soul. Delve into the deepest and darkest parts of yourself and bring to light your magnificence, your soul’s brilliance. Find ways to explore who you’ve become so you can be who you are.

In doing what you are being called to do, in opening your heart and listening to the whispers of your soul, you are able to be a part of the next cycle of Earth’s evolution.

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