Archangel Uriel: Geometry of Wellbeing

archangel uriel image eraoflightdotcomUriel: A quandary now is how to present to you some geometric progressions that are open-ended and allow unlimited potential in a way they can be experienced. We will start with the triangle, which is something that we have used throughout this experiment because it is a very simple yet powerful configuration and energetic. We will build the icosahedron from that. That geometry will allow you a much broader, wider range of energetic formats and make them more usable within form.

I need your assistance here. My question is: We need to present this material to the students. We also need to provide some experiential levels within those concepts to make them more integrate-able or understood in a way that the rational mind does not interfere in this process. We are in a quandary here since you have more perspective from a physical perspective on how we might devise some experiences to allow the integration of the concepts we have been discussing.

Jim: There was a segment of work that we did around strings of thought. In that work the students built a triangle of three words, using a word for each leg of the triangle. Then I would say, ‘Take one of those words and let that be a leg of an interfacing triangle. Add two more words to the legs of that triangle. There would be an overlap of one word between two triangles.’

Then I said, ‘Be creative. If you would like to experience wellbeing, we use the triangle of healthy, wealthy and wise, Now, what does healthy look like to you? Build another triangle of the leg healthy or wealthy or wise and continue outward. Continue to expand your concept of healthy outward as far as you can go using a common line between each triangle that you build.’ That built out into a random string of triangles. I think this is what you’re talking about.

Uriel: Yes.

Jim: I can go back and reintroduce that.

Uriel: Yes. Very valuable to reintroduce that because it will be a very important foundational concept that we will then build on.

Jim: Okay. I’ll reference it in this next class. We can send them a template of the icosahedron and instructions to add words to each one of the triangular lines. Then they can fold the piece of paper into the icosahedron to anchor that concept of wellbeing in a multifaceted configuration.

Uriel: Yes. We will probably spend a couple classes here, working with and expanding the consciousness using that template. You can see how using the words and building an energetic template is a very valuable bridgework that needs to be done. When we then interject more complex energetics that are not really able to be held within the language they can be held within the energetic structure of the geometries. Then it becomes less about individual words and more about blocks of energetics that hold concepts.

For the next couple of sessions, we will work with that specific dynamic that you have devised to make it very usable and begin to build those spaces.

Jim: Good. This will be enjoyable.

Uriel: It most certainly will. I thank you very much for your input. The other thing that I want to comment on is this. As we enter into more of the complexities of the tenth Ray, we enter further into the interior journey of transformation. Vast ranges of consciousness that are held within the sixth, seventh, and eighth-dimensional realms become available. It broadens and expands the consciousness greatly. This transformation and this ascension process take on a whole different level with that availability.

Jim: Well, I’m very grateful for this next step. This is very exciting.

Uriel: Yes. It is. And, we are very excited to see how we Archangelics can help the physical realm produce the expansion and the conscious levels that are available. I will withdraw now. Blessings, dear one.

Jim: Blessings.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Uriel and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Uriel to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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