The Energy of Change is Going to Sweep in This Summer

light waves eraoflightdotcomThe energy of change is going to sweep in this summer and really work deep with core e-motions, traumas and ways you perceive yourself. It’s already begun. What does your Soul look like If you wore it out into the world and let that be your first point of contact?

These past few months of intense transformative energies is making you anew; you’re not the same; which is the point Starseeds! You may be realizing you are hopping from one aspect to the other; many versions of you are existing now and who you ground into is your authentic mission right now. Be willing to let it all go or embrace it all. It’s completely up to you. It’s a completely new and different life you are embarking on now and you have the Soul-mission to BE in it fully.

2020 is all about collapsing you. It’s going DEEP and changing you from your cellular structure; no big deal just your body, brain, cells, DNA morphing and shapeshifting into an Higher aspect of yourself. What alts this process is us. We overthink it. We get in the way of massive changes because the old is familiar. Some, are touching the dimensions of their new self and when everything drastically starts to shift in their lives they run back; to what is familiar. This is quite normal right now. You will start to notice that turning back will no longer be an option. Your resistance will cause pain in the body and mind resulting in the reality you will create. Flow.

There’s a lot of symptoms right now and it continues well into Fall. They come in waves depending on the frequencies our Star Families are streaming in.

The Andromeda’s are the masters of the Higher Mind and our ability to communicate, learn and tap into higher multidimensional ways of being here together as a Collective mind. They are assisting with our emotional intelligence which means we are getting sensitive to the old patriarchal structures that all our lives are built upon. This is the collapse taking place. These are some of the energies streaming in. Your higher emotional body governs your new timelines. It’s time to now Feel your Cosmic emotional intelligence.

This Summer/Winter will drastically change you. Don’t fret. We’ll see each other on the other side.

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