‘Cloaked Alien’ Spotted ‘Spying on Argentina President’, UFO Hunter Claims

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomCommenting on his alleged find, the conspiracy theorist mused about some hypothetical future event that “will change the world in some way, good or bad”, and which he says might’ve attracted the aliens’ attention to that particular area.

Prolific conspiracy theorist and UFO chaser Scott C. Waring, who previously made a number of bold claims about alien spacecraft and other curious objects he allegedly spotted on images of Earth, moon and even Mars, has recently made yet another intriguing discovery while “exploring the presidential mansion of Argentina”.

Describing his findings in his blog, Waring pointed at an indistinct image of what appears to be a Google Earth image of the building’s interior, which he described as looking like “a cloaked alien, about one meter tall” – though the veracity of these visuals (let alone Waring’s interpretation of them) couldn’t be immediately confirmed.

“I believe this to be an alien that is cloaked and spying on the Argentina President. Perhaps the aliens know something that’s about to happen caused by the Argentina president…something that will change the world in some way, good or bad”, the conspiracy theorist mused.

Some of the social media users who commented on Waring’s find on YouTube, however, appeared skeptical, with one of them describing it as a “video aberration”.


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