Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn; Taking Personal Responsibility

full moon eraoflightdotcomOn July 4th/5th, we have the last of 3 eclipses for this Summer season. What a summer it has been already!!! As the Sun, which rules our: ego, life force and vitality comes to the 13th degree of Cancer, the moon, which rules our: emotions, intuition and feminine essence, becomes full in the opposing sign at 13 degrees of Capricorn. This isn’t a regular ol’ full moon, but a powerful and potent, Lunar Eclipse. Lunar eclipses are full moons on steroids and herald massive and unavoidable: endings, completions and manifestations. Eclipse energy is all about: changes, sudden events and curve balls. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: authority, business, hard work, obligation and the masculine identity.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is here to bring completions and endings to some aspect of control and authority within our lives. This could have to do with a work or business project, that will finally be bearing fruit around the eclipse. Another side of this Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will be an emotional release around: a father, boss or our inner masculine template. Capricorn, as mentioned above, rules the 10th house of the father and authority figure. There is a realization with this Eclipse about the distorted masculine society we have all been living inside of, and what shifts and evolution need to occur to create an empowered masculine essence. This is not a knock on my guys out there, as each one of us holds masculine as well as feminine energies. We were born into this distorted dynamic, and with recognition and awareness, we also hold the power to transform it. Major shifts of power and control could happen around this full moon, with little to no warning.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is making a positive, 120 degree trine to Uranus, who is currently in the sign of Taurus. Uranus, is the planet of: shocks, surprises and enlightenment. The Lunar Eclipse in a harmonious aspect to Uranus, will create lots of freedom and innovation, especially in regards to our emotional states and sense of security. We are willing to go out and try a different way or just think outside the box in regards to how we express our deepest desires.

Another aspect that is occurring at the same time of the Lunar Eclipse will be a tense aspect between retrograde Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Aries. Mercury the planet of: the mind, intellect and reason, is currently retrograde in the emotional and sensitive sign of Cancer. Mars, the planet of: action, willpower and aggression, is now home in the fiery and bold sign of Aries. Retrograde Mercury in Cancer in a square( tense aspect) to Mars in Aries, will have folks all kinds of moody and at times very snippy and ready to go to battle. The issue is with the planet of the mind retrograde will be that our thoughts and expressions could be very emotional and perhaps will not make much sense. Mars, since he is the warrior and home in his ruling sign, will want to plunge forward with little tact and patience to boot. You can see how these two could create a rather” passive aggressive” tone. My best advice with Retrograde Mercury in aspect to Mars will be to hold off on making assumptions or having any serious conversations where emotions and feelings will be involved. Wait, if you can, till Mercury turns direct next week( July 12th) or even better till the end of July.

The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is here to bring a finality to how we look at and integrate: control, order and obligations in our lives. With so many unknowns in our world at the moment, this is easier said than done. This lunar eclipse will ask that you find healing and solace with any “daddy” issues that still haunt you. This as described above, is a revision about what true masculinity represents. We are all letting go of some aspect that we cannot hold on to any longer. Past karma is ready to be reaped and this Lunar Eclipse will make that very clear and definite. The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is here to: bring manifestations for all of your hard work and efforts, finalize a wound with the inner masculine, and set the path for ultimate personal accountability and responsibility.

***Additional Addendum to my Post***
The US is also of course having a birthday at the time of this Lunar Eclipse and this is a huge deal. This suggests major and unavoidable endings and shifts in power and order. Of course we are already seeing this play out quite a bit. Anytime anyone or a country in this example, has an eclipse on their birthday, this is very rare, perhaps only happening once in a 100 years or so. The last Lunar Eclipse to happen on July 4th was a Total Lunar Eclipse in 1917. As I have mentioned in previous posts, eclipses can have an effect for up to a year after the actual event. This previous Total Lunar Eclipse that happened in 1917 on July 4th, was perhaps a precursor for the Spanish Flu that ravaged the US the following year in 1918. For this current Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, according to the chart used by many for the US( July 4, 1776), will have the eclipse fall in the USA’s 2nd house. The 2nd house in astrology represents: $, values and resources. Expect massive change and upheaval for the US in regards to these areas of life, which we are already seeing. My goal is to always keep things positive, so again, personal responsibility and accountability are key. Fortunes have been created when folks stood in their power and owned their part in the matrix of our world. Sending my love and blessings to each one of you!!

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