Everything Counts, Everything Matters

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcom“When you focus with soul eyes, you will see home in many, many places.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

A heads up! Everything Counts, Everything Matters…. The Lord of Time and Karma Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn to make a wide conjunction with retrograde Pluto and Jupiter from now right through the autumn – the 3 change agents never more than 8 degrees apart from July 1st onwards and all at odds with Disruptor Eris- the engine behind the current social upheaval. Neptune is also retrograde as is Mercury and on July 11th Chiron turns retrograde. On July 19th Eris also turns backwards. The cosmic wheel is in reverse polarity and it will come to a crescendo over the next 10 weeks.

It’s a time for reflection, for unflinchingly reviewing the past. For looking honestly at what has brought us to this crossroads. All of this has enormous personal, private meaning for every one of us. (much more on this to come in my August 2020 5D Report).

July 5 2020 Lunar Eclipse 13 Capricorn:

This is the very last of 9 eclipses across Capricorn/Cancer since 2018. One by one, they have brought home to every single one of us the undeniable reality of the fragility and impermanence of life – as Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto’s transits through Capricorn at the same time have broken apart social frameworks, governments and the economy.

The eclipse falls on the USA Sun, increasing the splits and shifts, revealing truth after truth -a harbinger of the USA’s approaching karmic Pluto Return-the first since the Founding Fathers.

This Capricorn eclipse is a time to be very gentle with yourself – the world will feel harsh and emotions raw. The Capricorn Moon can be hard on those of us who are sensitives. With Sun and Moon square Chiron in Aries and Vesta conjunct the Sun, old childhood wounds and family issues need healing. As this is the very last eclipse across these signs for 9 years, take the time to look back and acknowledge how well you’ve managed to develop an unshakeable inner sense of personal security, even in the midst of relentless harsh reality checks, life shocks and upheavals. You now understand how important creating and offering sanctuary really is.

Take a moment to look back over your life since 2018, noticing where the small and big losses have taken place in your soul then embroider one last symbol on your Scar Coat. Acknowledge that some ways forward were cut off. That some of your hopes and dreams were crushed. Whilst these experiences have deepened your resilience, your individuation, your self-reliance, your awakening, they are also profound losses and need to be grieved as such. Ask yourself: Where are the places that must be remembered, marked and then left behind?

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