Aramda: The Gread Divide is Bringing the Great Awakening

aramda eraoflightdotcomI am Aramda.  It has been some time since I have been with this group, coming through this channel, through my beloved brother.

I am here in these moments to assist you in understanding all that is going on in the world today, in your world, in your created world.  Yes, you are the ones that have created this world.  Even though there is seeming chaos throughout.  And you would say, “I would not create that chaos.”  You have.  You have at very deeper levels within you.

For all of you are one.  All of you that are of the Light, and all of those that are of the seeming darkness still, are all one together.  You are one humanity.  And as one humanity, you are coming back together again, even though it appears now that there is this great division, this great divide.  And yes, indeed, in your reality, it is.

But in our reality, looking down at this situation, we see this great divide bringing a great awakening to all.  Because in order to have order within the universe, within your universe, there first needs to be the chaos.  So you must allow this process to continue.  Even though many of you are becoming quite upset, this channel that we speak through as well, becoming disillusioned that all is not happening as you want it to.  And indeed, it is not happening as you want it to.  But it is happening as it must happen, now.  There must be this entire breakdown before you can have the total breakthrough.  This must happen. And it is happening.  And it is leading you, as many, many more continue to awaken.

Because many more are seeing this great divide, now.  They are understanding—not as you do about timelines, but they are understanding that mankind must come together.  And many more are realizing that fear is not the way they want to live their lives.

Many are programmed and continue to be programmed.  That is something that you yourselves cannot change.  Although you can do all you can to spread the light.  You can do all you can to spread education here and there wherever it is called for.   But you cannot change them.

You cannot bring them out of the darkness and into the light.  You can only show them the light.  And if they are ready, they will be attracted to your light.  That is how the world is changing.  That is how the collective consciousness of man is changing.  And you must allow for this process.

So allow yourselves to become upset.  Allow the anger to rise at times.  But control that anger.  Control it, so that it does not interfere with another, does not interfere in their space if they are not ready.

You call yourselves Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.  There is a difference between the two.  Many of you are workers.  You are working within yourselves to raise the energies within you, to find yourselves in higher vibrational frequencies more and more.  And you are working hard at this.  And working with the light within you.

But then there are others of you that are becoming the Warriors of Light.  You are taking Michael’s sword and you are sharing the truth of his sword to all that will open up to it.  And you are the Warriors of Light.

There is nothing to say that one is better than the other, but it is just what it is in the moment.  One moment you will be a worker, and the next you will become a Warrior of Light.  And you will be ready to share that truth when the opportunity arises.   Just as we are Warriors of Light, and we share the opportunities with you whenever we can.  So be the worker, be the warrior.  Be in the Light Community.  But allow for the process to continue.

As you have heard many times, ‘trust the plan.’  For the plan is working out exactly as it needs to in every given moment.  And if you, all of you, find yourselves in the moment, then you will not become quite so frustrated.  You will not become quite so angry, because you will be in the moment.  And in that moment of neutrality, you can neither be angry or satisfied.  You can just be, with a capital ‘BE’ in that moment.  Just be who you are.  That is all anyone of us, or any that work with you are asking of you.  Just be who you are, and be the best that you can possibly be in those moments, and continue to lead up to the Great Event, to the Solar Flash, the Changeover that is approaching, even as the New Dawn is approaching.

The New Dawn of the Golden Age of Aquarius is approaching.  But you are the ones that are bringing it forward.  Always remember that.

We are here with you at all times, even though you cannot see us, even though there are not times when you sense us.  But even then, yes, there are times when you sense us.  But you doubt of our reality.  We are as real as you are.

And when the times are right, when the frequencies have risen enough, we will certainly be here with you in person at a physical level for you to reach out and touch.  And even more than that, to have a long, long desired hug.  For we have missed you!  Just as we know you have missed us.  We, your brothers and sisters from the stars.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

I am Aramda.

* Channel: James McConnell