Children Infected With COVID-19 May Suffer Severe Neurological Damage, Study Finds

share what you know 3 eraoflightdotcomA new study published last week in the journal JAMA Neurology found that COVID-19 may cause neurological symptoms in children.

The study, which was published online on July 1, identified neurological manifestations in four out of 27 COVID-19 patients who were under the age of 18. Those four patients, who were previously healthy, had several neurological symptoms including encephalopathy, which is a broad term to describe brain changes that lead to an altered mental state, muscle weakness and reduced reflexes.

Other symptoms included impaired consciousness, seizures, acute cerebrovascular disease, which refers to a group of conditions that affect blood vessels and blood supply to the brain, and ataxia, which is impaired balance or coordination that usually results from brain, nerve or muscle damage.

All four patients had to be admitted to the intensive care unit, where splenium signal changes were seen in magnetic resonance images of their brains. The splenium is part of the corpus callosum region of the brain; lesions in any part of the corpus callosum can cause neurological disorders.

By the end of the study, all the patients experienced some neurological improvement, with two patients making complete recoveries. While those two patients were discharged from the hospital in under a month, the other two remain wheelchair-bound due to muscle weakness.

“Reversible lesions of the SCC [splenium of the corpus callosum] are rare but have been previously reported in patients with encephalopathies,” the researchers noted in the study.

The authors also called for additional research to determine the association between COVID-19 and neurological symptoms.

“In this case-series study, children with COVID-19 presented with new neurological symptoms involving both the central and peripheral nervous systems and splenial changes on imaging, in the absence of respiratory symptoms. Additional research is needed to assess the association of neurological symptoms with immune-mediated changes among children with COVID-19,” the study concluded.

In May, researchers also warned of an inflammatory disease linked to COVID-19 which has appeared among children.

The disease, which is called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), was first reported in late April in Britain. However, since then, additional cases have appeared within the US and abroad.

The condition has been likened to Kawasaki disease, which usually occurs in children younger than 5 years old and causes inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body. Kawasaki disease typically causes a fever, as well as a rash, sore throat and swollen lymph glands. Symptoms of MIS-C include fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, skin color changes, rashes and labored breathing.


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  1. Tom

    So it’sall bullshit? So the 132,000 people who died is false? Why did Don jr girlfriend get the virus. I know another false story.
    Ragnargreybread I think your out their my friend. If you know so much why don’t you call Presidency Trump up and see if he will hire you because it seems you are well versed on this issue.
    I can.not believe that it’s all a false story I do believe the dark forces would put this out in the world to kill many people. Of course if you have a leader like our leader things will not get better because he lies about this virus going back to February. Since he knew of this virus back in January and he understood this as a bad virus and worked to control it we could be like other country’s in Europe who had real leadership in their country.
    But I send you love and light.

    1. Ragnargreybeard

      Firstly, your grammar and diction are horrible. But since you are typing on a damn smart phone I’ll give you a pass.

      Secondly, we both know you wish me death and misery, liberals can’t stand anyone disagreeing with them. YOU are filled with hate not me. I wish no one no harm, unless they are trying to harm me or my own.

      Thirdly, the 130k death count has been manufactured by Fauci and the medical establishment. Countless Doctors and medical professionals have given testament to the falsification of death certificates, just attributing death to CV19 when in fact the patient was already severely I’ll from 1 or more comorbidities. Just watch Dr. Birx and her press conference on their “liberal interpretation of death” allegedly due to CV19.

      Fourthly, the PCR test was never proven to be accurate. It does not test for a virus but several different strands of RNA that are believed to make up the virus genome. The virus has never been isolated and proven to cause disease following the 4 tenants of Koch’s postulates.

      Fifty, ask yourself this: how did we go from 2-5 years for a “safe vaccine” to 6 months?

      Six, you assume I am a Trump supporter when in fact I know he is part of the con. He issued the “state of emergency” and guidelines from Fauci back in March. This precipitated the government lockdown and usurpation of of most basic human rights. So, no, I’m not a “Trump guy”. He is now preparing to force vaccinate us for a virus that does not exist, “Operation Warp Speed” as absurd as it is.

      Seven, you are reading a website that supposedly has different spiritual and extraterrestrial entities telling us the will has been pulled over our eyes for thousands of years. I can only hope it’s true the Pleiadeans are rooting out Dracos in their underground labyrinths who have caused unspeakable crimes and human misery. You can believe that but you can’t accept this Plandemic is not part of their last grasp to keep us enslaved?

      I don’t know why I went to such length to reason with you. Maybe it’s because you didn’t call me names and wish me dead like the COVID faithful on Twitter.

      Please tell me now you hope I die horribly from CV19.

      I’m not worried it will never happen.

    2. Ragnargreybeard

      Don Jr’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle tested positive, true. The test is worthless; it proves nothing. She is not sick and has not been sick. Rand Paul has tested positive but never been sick. Does this not give you pause about the validity of this test? People have been tested on multiple days only to have their results flip flop multiple times.

      Having Demons like Tom Hanks testify to their battle with CV19 is part of the sell. Watch that movie the Sting.

      This is all practical magic practiced by the Lucifereans.

    3. Ragnargreybeard

      One more fact, if there was a pandemic there would be an increase in the average monthly deaths that average 243,000 per month year over year. The death toll for April was in fact less that the yearly average for April. If there was an epidemic we would have seen monthly deaths far in excess of their year in and year out average.

      They have taken deaths that would have occurred anyhow and falsely attributed it to CV19.

      Maybe you should stay inside until no one ever dies again.

      1. Tom

        Sorry but I never said I wished you dead. Nor did I say you were a Trump supporter

        Myself I believe the virus is real and the dark forces are behind it. As for a cure it will take over a year to find a cure and then they should test it out. Before they give it to the public.
        As for me being full of hate you know nothing about me. And with that again I will send you love and light. Have a good week.

  2. Ragnargreybeard

    This is all pure bullshit. There is no CIVID19 virus. It has never been isolated or purified or met Koch’s postulates. In fact we’ve been lied to about viruses since they were discovered. They are produced by cells when there is disease not the cause of it.

    Always some new study that comes out stating CV19 “may do this or may do that” always just implicating possibility never any proven facts.

    If this website is truly what it claims to be then stop printing disinformation and helping the dark forces perpetuating this lie, hoax, psyop

  3. Roger Dodge

    Consider that children are just being traumatized in general from all the goings on and resist any notion (as implied by this author) that it’s covid related. Preposterous.