Judas Iskariot: Challanges

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and you are now facing a major challenge on Earth. It blows different winds of positive and negative energies. What winds are you catching in your heart? It’s about having balance now, dear Earthlings and standing with your feet firmly in the ground. It is important to be able to examine your heart in the present without following the waves of waves that occur when different memories remind you. Memories that exist in a bygone era but that can trigger a defense of different emotions that really do not belong in that time and the moment you are in right now. Let those feelings disappear and see life for what it is. An experience, a movement and a change in a constantly new stream of emotions and ways of thinking. If you embrace the old, you stand still in the old ways of thinking, and your future experiences will be much the same. If you let something new come into the stillness of yours now, new thoughts and new opportunities can immediately be opened up. Do you want to stay in the old, or do you want to take another step into the unknown? It is not easy to take control of one’s life, one’s feelings and one’s thoughts, but the life that opens up to those who dare can be dazzled by its beauty.

Life should be beautiful and joyful, full of hope and new surprises. That’s how life is meant to be, it’s the way you walk now. It may take some time, it takes some training to change their habits. We easily end up in the same track again, but the important thing is that we correct our steps as soon as possible. You need to be in the heart and hand over more to your life, dear Earthlings. Let life help you take the steps needed for new winds to blow in your hair. Winds of harmony, love and community. Stretch out your hand to the universe, stretch out your hand to a fellow human and feel that you are connected to everything that is….

The light rays across the earth today, take those rays into your heart, feel its love, its joy. Feel the calm and harmony that arises within you. This is just a small part of what awaits you in the world that is currently being born and it is born within yourself. Be yourself the world you want to see in the world. It is through you it is manifested in all its splendor and brilliance. A light is created and many candles can form a radiant sun that shines with its brightest and most loving rays. It is you who are driving the development forward now, dear Earthlings and you are doing it with your awareness. Awareness of yourself and the impact your true awareness has on the life you live and how it also affects others and the environment that surrounds you.

Do you dare to let go now and let the old and familiar pass, to let something new and unknown come into your life? Nothing new can come from what has been, the new can only happen now, here and now on unknown land and with confidence in yourself and your heart. A step out of nothing can be the step needed to change your existence and thus your own world. Your new world starts within you in the still lake that rests quietly within you. It has an eternal patience and a true confidence that one day you will find it and find out about its treasures.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

*Source *Cahnnel: Ann Dahlberg