Ashtar Sheran: Earth Update

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar Sheran with a message for all on Earth.

You are aware that many involved in Pizza Gate have been arrested, tried and put to death. Currently clones walk the earth, regulated by light forces, in order that all would appear to be normal.

Removal of children from the DUMBs is still ongoing. The dark forces still exist there as well as around the surface. There are still cabal members upon the surface to do their bidding but these are bankers and business people, who now, too are being arrested.

You will read articles that these business people have been infected by Covid 19, taken ill, been fired or left their positions in business or otherwise suffered some other extraordinary change of events. These are the cues to look for to see where your justice system is at work.

What we are aiming for is that the surface is owned and operated by the people of earth. They will be under guard as the DUMBs continue to clear and key operatives in the Illuminati continue to be removed as necessary. Where non-compliance exists, removal will take place.

All heads of countries are either arrested or working with the Light. They are still able to communicate with their countries but their work is scrutinized by the light forces that have them under guard. So it seems that they are still creating havoc but you’ll see that they won’t be able to for much longer. This is an educational period where people of this planet are targeted to wake up. Those who refuse to wake up will be in the minority in about a year’s time. Most people will be awake and aligned more or less with the Light. Progress is up to the people. When the expectation of more is held by the majority, change will occur. It is your collective frequency that allows for current events to unfold.

With this in place, success is ours. There is no dark threat anymore on your world if all believe in the goodness to come to you. We are looking for a solid majority to anchor all the positive energies on the planet, and to create the new world from the ruins of the old.

For areas that are still under cabal siege, this is also so that people will wake up. Many still believe that BLM is fighting for the rights of black people and this is false programming. Eventually they will realize, as the issue grows stale, that this is not what they are doing. Please continue to expose the perpetrators.

As for the media, they are losing power. Fewer people are loyal to their news channel as they begin to suspect that something is amiss. When you keep hearing that you must stay at home and wear masks, eventually you begin to look elsewhere for another point of view. It is that the news told people what they wanted to hear, and this is no longer the case. They are telling them to continue to be patient, and the public is losing patience.

As for the recent meditation at the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, the quorum was reached. Many unfortunate events have now been avoided for your world, and the route to freedom made shorter. We foresee months taken off the route that you were previously on, and this is wonderful news as many deaths have been avoided and greater growth will manifest after the financial collapse.

I just heard from Commander Markarel, I think, that the dark forces have been releasing bio agents into the DUMBs in order to stall the soldiers as well as the Light forces who are coming down on them. Is this true, Ashtarr?

Ashtar: Of course, Sharon. It’s true. They are releasing bio weapons, very nasty ones at that, on us, and at first we were affected and made ill, however we can shield ourselves from this and continue our work in the DUMBs. Those who are ill are providing answers for prevention for the rest of us. We realize they have agents that change DNA, but we have power over our DNA and can change it back readily.

Me: What about the earthlings down there?

Ashtar: Yes, the soldiers we can shield as well. However the humans who live in the DUMBs as slaves are being wiped out. Perhaps the dark ones believe that if they kill off the people we are in there to rescue, then we’ll leave them alone. (laughing). Of course, we won’t. And for those deeds we will simply have to extinguish the perpetrators on the spot. Guilty. No trial. We have divine permission to do so.

Life in the DUMBs isn’t easy. Battling a force that has had the upper hand on this planet isn’t easy, however we’ve studied them and what they’re doing for a long time. We have had spies amid their ranks, learning of their plans, who have reported back to us. We have first rate intel on what they’re capable of and we realize they’ll stop at nothing to be able to survive on this world. So we expected a tough battle and we got it.

Me: Thanks Ashtarr.

Ashtar: Yes, Sharon, it will be over soon. We’ve made great progress through the years via the Resistance and now with the increase in forces we’ll make even more.

Me: Ashtarr, can we have your comments on President Trump’s July 4th speech please?
Ashtar: Yes, it was a straightforward speech. He clearly described the danger facing America from within, and roused the patriots’ loyalty to aid the white hats. He clearly said that there weapons will not be taken away, and pointed fingers at the Liberal states that are causing difficulty for his administration. He was quite clear.

Me: I feel that those of us who are in the know picked up on a lot more of the meaning he intended by the things he said. Again, somewhat cryptic but we got it.

Ashtar: Yes. He must speak to all levels of awareness and that’s not easy. But his speech was well written, and he described the story of George Washington, who in 1776, crossed the Delaware River to fight off the English forces, who of course, were Cabal forces. There was a rift between the Rockefeller and the Rothschild parties that had the Rockefeller group moving to America and settling there, and that was why a war with England occurred. So what he is not saying is that one faction of the cabal has indeed remained in the States and drew up constitutional law. But now this faction are the ones who now seek to destroy the country from the inside out, and so they must be taken on by the people and the white hat Alliance, which is what is happening.

Me: So the founding fathers were cabalists?

Ashtar: Of course. They are the ones who play at a global level, to the exclusion of anyone else. And I might add they have taken out many people who sought to defy them in their quest for global domination, and there have been a few instances just in the last few decades.

Me: So, if they start a country with a cabalist agenda, then what good does that do?

Ashtar: Well, in fact they created a country that would benefit themselves and the people they dominated. Had they intended that all men be created equal, they would have included women and allowed their slaves to go free. There were presidents born in the interim that created that freedom for others, which Trump mentions as well. Specifically Abraham Lincoln.

Me: So these are nicer cabalists?

Ashtar: In the day, it was easier for the Light to infiltrate politics because of the fact that they did not yet have the strength that they do now. However, remember that Lincoln was shot. So was Kennedy. With the advent of technology and the computer, they have been able to ramp their global control programs up and do it on the quiet. Fortunately there are whistleblowers and insiders that the Light has placed in order to reveal information.

The program has been to make the public progressively more dependent on their agenda and you see now that this is coming to fruition.

Me: Yes.

Ashtar: In days of old, it was easier for a French revolution to take place and the people to storm the Bastille, as the cabalists were not yet as powerful as they are today. Since their increasing contact with negative extraterrestrial life, they have gained far more power over that of the people, hence they have become more and more determined to exact total control.

Me: So back in the day, they weren’t in contact with the negative ETs?

Ashtar: They were, however technology wasn’t given to them. Infiltration of your world by negative ETs took some time as well. Your people are not that easy to control.

Me: True.

Ashtar: The negative ET agenda was carried out underground, with little interference in surface politics, compared to today. Resistance from the Galactic Federation and other benevolent extraterrestrials prevented the control of the surface population to the extent that it has been carried out today.

Me: What changed?

Ashtar: Your politicians deliberately agreed to work with negative extraterrestrials. You made agreements with them, hence sealing your fate.

They were around earlier as well. But the agreements were not as broad as they are now because your people were not united through technology and not as powerful. With your global economic system where all trade with other countries, the spoils are greater for those from other worlds which seek to exploit you. Back in the day, a group of greys could ask the queen of England for riches from the Orient and perhaps get tapestries and spices which would not be of the sort of booty they were after. Now this is different. There has always been the one commodity though, human flesh and slave labour. This has always been exploited. Also your ores and minerals are of interest to many ET races.

In advancing the technology available to particularly the black projects, ET races have profited more greatly.

With the U.S. specifically, the Rockefeller group had to grow the country. American population was in its infancy for a long time, and considering harsh conditions, native resistance, and cold, diseased winters, America took some time to grow to the world power it is today.

The Rockefeller group looked for ways to exploit the country to find money while the Rothschild group continued with Canada and other colonies, seeking means to gain more money and global power. They devised the economic system long ago in order to allow themselves to do so. Money was more powerful than the religious systems they had previously undertaken to create, and there was less division in their plan when it came to money. Money was money. All had to work to earn a living, except for the Elite.

It is time for the people to take back their world. No other option can be considered. It is do or die now. Work with us to free yourselves now.


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