It is a Time of Great Transition

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomBe patient with yourself.

Have you noticed just how very fragile you are becoming? That is all right. You are merely breaking out of the old 3D shell, like a newly hatched chick and now growing into a whole new life, a new world and new beginnings. Tears are tears of deep healing now, and love..

Allow every day to become an unfolding, a growing, an opening, petal by precious petal of the higher dimensional you, as your own ego starts to disappear and you grow more into Oneness with the Divine and all that is.It is a process.

Yes, there will be times when the old you will try to pull you back into duality and the 3D world. There will be times when you will feel the old impacts, the old things being churned up. During such times, it is wise to ask why those buttons are getting pushed, why you are allowing yourself to be pulled back in again and then to release and heal whatever still needs to be healed and released. You do not need it anymore.

It is wise to remember to clear your energy fields, even twice a day if needed. It is necessary for many souls are still being run by the 3D and all the uncertainties are churning up the old repeated miladies of humankind, and thus they are still in the middle of all the old programming, gripped in the same old fears of survival, and with it all the old traumas, the old wounds and the old stuff.

Instead of buying into all of that – bypass it. Let it go. It is not your stuff any longer. It is not your programming. It is not your karma anymore. (Of course, you have free will and choice – if your wish to go backwards, that is entirely up to you.)

It is through the open heart, and unconditional love of self and others that we rise into the higher dimensions and the deepest experience and knowing of Unity with the Divine and All-that-is. There is no separation. There is no THEY anymore, there are only WE. There is no need to prove anything! You never need to prove that you are right or wrong, nor do you need to prove anyone else right or wrong. All of that is still steeped in duality beliefs and separation, and often desperation.

It only when the heart is fully open, deeply connected to the soul and our whole Being infused with the Divine and all Divinity, that we can see clearly, and we can truly operate from the higher Dimensional state, and gain the higher perspective.To be in the world, but not OF it!

We become the living Truth of who and what we are! One of the greatest joys of life as an ascended master is experiencing the freedom to speak your truth with purity of heart. Pure words bring unconditional love into the lives of all who hear them. They open the heart center of all who hear the words, and energetically read the intent behind the words.

You automatically trust someone whose speaks from the heart and soul and is vibrating truth.

The more we move and grow into the higher dimensional state, the more everyone will be required to speak the truth from their heart and soul. There will be no need for secrets, for cover ups, for lies, as all will be revealed through the vibration of their auras and energy fields. We will all be able to read their energy fields and their thoughts and intent. Pure truth will shine on Earth as we all radiate with Golden Light and live in highest alignment with the Divine Source, and All-That-is

Judith Kusel

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