Sirian High Council: Ascension Journey

I Am Divine eraoflightdotcomGreetings starseeds! We salute you in your current progress trajectory for Ascension Gaia and we hold honor in our hearts for you. Many of you have Sirian aspects and dormant memories, strengths and abilities from your forays in our little part of the galaxy. We wish to activate further your Sirian connections and memories of the light to assist you with your ascension journeys. Some of you have been our kings and queens, high rulers, but all of you have been servants of the light and to the light. For when we are true servants we can lead most fully and effectively. You will be called upon to lead in your current now. You will be called upon to do many things and you will be ready for it. For you have lead before, you have trudged through the darkness before and you are all well equipped for success on this journey. Gaia is rising rapidly and she is taking along with her those who are ready to serve, to lead from the heart and to shine their light brightly. The light is for all but not all are receptive to it, as is their choice. It will be easiest for those who embrace the light for that is their destiny and to fight with one’s destiny can be a rocky ride – which is never recommended unless you wish upon yourselves further challenges and awakenings. It is possible to awaken smoothly, easily. Call this to you, for you have already done the work. Many are feeling the burdens for the others. It is a kindness that you are providing this service in lightening the load for the many by the few. You are all doing this. This is why you are so tired, so exhausted but although it seems like a lifetime, as this one reminds us, it is but a moment not a lifetime, and it shall pass.

We are the Sirian High Council and we wish to impart our codes to our awakened and awakening starseeds currently on assignment to Gaia. Please place your third finger on your third eye and tap lightly, and in so doing you will be giving permission for the codes to flow. “I welcome the codes from the Ascended Sirian System into my body to further activate and allow any dormant Sirian memories that will serve my ascension including all gifts, talents and leadership skills that will serve the Gaians in this moment of transition. I activate and I allow further Sirian codes to illuminate the pineal gland which has been calcified and I command it to be uncalcified and unbroken, whole and complete. I trigger and I allow the further flowing of Sirian light language codes, talents and abilities to permeate my being, further unraveling DNA, awakening any dormant DNA that is in need of light activation. I command this with love and respect for my beautiful body that I am currently inhabiting. I respect my body and I send light to it to further allow for this expansion.“ Sit a while and agree to rest after this download. It will be needed. You will likely feel light headed and spacious as the codes are expanding further.

We are the Sirian High Council. Many of you sit at our round tables at night sharing your experiences in the thick of it. We are grateful for your acts of heroism and volunteerism for the light, ever in service.

We are the Sirian High Council. Expect more love and light and it shall find you. You are becoming the leaders for Nova Gaia. You are becoming and already are the bridge walkers, extending your hands for the others to cross. We see this most imminently. These codes will help you cross. This one is experiencing heart pressure. Yes, let us extend the awakening. ”I call to myself all of the joyful experiences and sublime love that I have experienced within the Ascended Sirian System and I call them forth to be made manifest in an ever growing peace within my heart space. I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel the divine support of my galactic family who is ever around me, offering divine codes of love and support. I wrap this love and support around me, further insulating, further supporting, and I call forth all of the moments of peace that I have experienced with my galactic family. I wish for this feeling of peace to permeate me, to soothe me. I am more than this human body. My family is more than this human Earthly family I have chosen to learn with and to experience Earth life with. I am a starseed and I call all of my power back to me now. I claim my divinity. I claim my ascension. So be it.” Rise inner warrior and be at peace. This feeling, this is who you are. This is who the dark are afraid of. They are afraid of you. Send them light and let us end this game. Call further the light into every cell, every molecule within you, let it unlock yet more light. We see you as blazing suns upon Gaia, shining your love from the few to the many. It warms our hearts. We adore you, starseeds.

We are the Sirian High Council. We send you our love, we send you our peace, it is within you. Blessings abound for you starseeds, and you are those blessings to us.

*Channel: Galaxygirl