Archangel Gabriel: Already Exists

archangel gabriel image eraoflightdotcomIf you have an awareness of something you desire, whether it has come to you in a dream or through meditation, the human reaction is to start to wonder when it will show up. You see it as being something the future will bring.

What we wish for you to understand is that if you have connected with it, it already exists. You are already in relationship with it. And that change of perspective is how you grow and anchor that experience into your physical reality – by honouring its presence in your life now, rather than seeing it as something outside of yourself that will come to you at some future, unknown point.

Your acceptance of the fact that it already exists, even if it is in energetic form, is what aligns you into a deepening of the experience and grows it into tangible, physical form. This is what keeps you in the joy of its unfoldment into creation rather than the frustration of seeing it as perpetually coming and never quite arriving.

All great manifestations are born as energy first (as above, so below) and your relationship with any creation starts with your very first idea of it. The shift into conscious creation will come when you begin to acknowledge and celebrate your dream’s true existence from that moment of discovery and enjoy it all the way into form.

» Source » Channel: Shelley Young