Christine Day Message July 2020

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomHello,  We are already into July and moving into the second half of 2020. Alisa and I are safely tucked in on our land in Grand Marais, witnessing the ongoing unfolding drama within this country, and across the world.

The words the Pleiadians are echoing to me “expect the drama to accelerate through to the end of this year.” Energetic shifts to alleviate this drama on our planet are destined to take place by the 23rd December this year, 2020.

I know we need this time to fully transform our relationship to our human aspect and to set in motion a higher vibrational reconnection to our Heart space. I understand that we need this upheaval in our 3rd dimensional reality to move ourselves into the higher terrain of our sacred reconnections.

Simultaneous to all of this third dimensional chaos is the incredible birthing of a Network of light, an electrical grid of God light that is growing in its brilliance daily on our earth plane.

The action of the light created from this Grid is accelerating an unearthing of the density, which has been hidden within our governments, our society and within our own human aspect for lifetimes.

The gift for this time is waiting to be discovered within our own multidimensional Heart. There is an urgent call going outwards for those of us on the path to allow this self-resurrection process, through the conscious choice action of each one of us choosing to relink within our Heart.

Know that we are not separate as we each meet within the Network grid of God light, understanding as you connect through your Heart, you connect to the Grid.

Keep letting go within the drama and choose you. “You are who you have been waiting for!”

Love and blessings,


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