The World Has Already Changed

bright new world eraoflightdotcomFollowing the Soulstice of June 21st, many quietly look for direct evidence that what they do and what they have done is making a difference to themselves and the world around them. Despite the teachings of Unconditional Love, the Ego remains, creating reality from duality. Despite giving and sending Love through prayer, invocation, ritual, intention and meditation, many keep half an eye open to see if change has taken place. Look in the mirror, listen to the news, keep looking for something somewhere on Facebook or Twitter or some other global network social media fanfare to watch for a sign that the New Age has arrived.

Well HERE it is, NOW – the World has already changed.

It’s done, it is in place, all the nuts and bolts tightened and the structures formed all around you. But how can that be when you can still clearly see the injustices, the wrongdoings, the power issues taking place around you and you still feel locked in the constant struggle for survival in an increasingly difficult money oriented hierarchical class society? Ahhhh, that would be the Third Dimensional world, the One you USED to live your life in. That would be the One with all the dramas and conflicts where mankind was focused on maintaining individual Ego survival, brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour, child against parent, relationship against compromise – rather than join together in single purpose to establish a global community of Unity Consciousness.

Yes, Fifth Dimensional Unity Consciousness is here and you are living within it. It is a new world based on tolerance, compromise, righteousness, belief and peaceful associations with ALL around YOU. Switch on the television, pick up a book or watch a film and become instantly immersed in the drama and conflicts that reflect back the Third Dimensional reality. Carry that ingrained energy through your door and into the life you lead or choose simply to rise above the lower vibrations that seek to entrap and cage you within a former senseless and reactive existence. It is ALL up to YOU. It is your world YOU are creating, YOU are the centre of your existence and are building your own Universe in which to exist. I repeat, YOU are building your OWN Universe in which to exist. You just happen to share it with Seven Billion Other aspects of YOU doing the same thing in their own Way and their own Time.

So what evidence is there to confirm this? Look no further than your Sun to see the changes occuring. Wave after wave of intense high vibrational particles are streaming through the Sun’s core right NOW directly from the Central Sun in order to keep up with the supply and demand requirements of an increasingly aware and consciously awake Terran population.

Rapid expansion within the Fifth Dimensional merkaba and twelve chakra system that now surrounds all living beings on Gaia creates flexing and fluctuation within the electro-magnetic energy fields. Energetic pulses of electrons and photons internally create rapid highs followed by extreme tiredness with the bodies attempt to cope with the bio-rhythmic disturbances taking place. You will already be feeling the symptoms this creates within you without requiring explanation here. Accept and let flow is the key, for this is an ongoing process both necessary and required. Gaia too is flexing within her internal core which will result in movement of the land masses and continental plates with inevitable purpose.

Try to remember that YOU have willingly chosen this mission without you knowing the journey. And be humbly proud of ALL you have achieved because YOU are doing a fantastic job. Well done YOU and you.

With Love and Blessings
Polaris ab

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